Menu Innovations

7 Jun 19
The chain also opened its 91st store.
6 Jun 19
Customers had a taste of the item when the brand first opened in 2013.
3 Jun 19
The new item was done in collaboration with The Alternative Meat Co and fitness trainer Luke Zocchi.
27 May 19
The chain claims it is approximately 700 times hotter than a jalapeno.
23 May 19
The improved range are available as part of Macca’s all-day menu.
13 May 19
Their vegan Big Poppa burger is available until June 1.
12 May 19
The chain launched its Huxta Chicken range as its own separate platform on Uber Eats.
9 May 19
The new items include vegan milk chocolate.
6 May 19
The soft-serve Smash Ups are available at all nine Burger Project stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
6 May 19
The burger is currently being trialled in South Australia.
2 May 19
The vegan-friendly item is available across the brand’s 46 stores.
1 May 19
The new selection is available in all 108 stores nationwide.
29 Apr 19
The dessert chain turned its Instagram into a retro-inspired virtual gaming arcade to celebrate the launch.
24 Apr 19
The Middle Eastern QSR will showcase the new range at its relaunching World Square outlet.
23 Apr 19
The eight new paninis are also available via Uber Eats delivery.
3 Apr 19
The brands will offer three new liquorice-filled muffins.
13 Mar 19
Customers now have the option to add reaper chilli sauce to the new burgers.
4 Mar 19
Three new fruit smoothies are now available in all their locations.
25 Feb 19
After finding success in introducing the famed ruby chocolate to Australia, find out what's in store for the Spanish-style chocolateria brand...
20 Feb 19
The growing chain currently has 108 stores in the country.
20 Feb 19
The pizza style has been known for its squared base, thick crust and sauce presentation.
7 Feb 19
The sausage is said to have 38% less saturated fat and cholesterol that ordinary meat.
5 Feb 19
The new burger celebrates 20 years of US animated comedy Family Guy.
4 Feb 19
Find out the chain's latest approach in offering a more inclusive menu.
31 Jan 19
The item is available from 4 February to 31 March.
25 Jan 19
The range includes Roast Pork, Beer Battered Fried Chicken and Fried Tofu gua baos.
23 Jan 19
The pizza chain says the interest in adopting a vegan diet is growing.
21 Jan 19
They also added a new pizza and sundae to their summer campaign.
17 Jan 19
The new items are the first offerings from their new executive chef.
16 Jan 19
Find out what’s next for one of Australia’s biggest quick service restaurant brands in 2019 and beyond.
14 Jan 19
The chain is also running a Pavlova decorating competition.
8 Jan 19
These offerings are also assured to be vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free.
8 Jan 19
The flavour is also available in their new duffin offering.
18 Dec 18
The new Mermaid and Monster cup and cone ranges are available for a limited time.
14 Dec 18
Additions include a new vegan sub and gluten-free wraps.
11 Dec 18
The pizza chain says 'The BIG ONE' is their largest pizza that they have ever made.
9 Dec 18
The 'Bubbamas' is available until January 5.
7 Dec 18
They will also unveil another set of meals in early 2019.
5 Dec 18
The offering is a mix of espresso, chocolate and honeycomb.