Menu Innovations

15 Oct 18
The pizza will be available on all of their stores starting from October 20.
4 Oct 18
The move is driven by the growing number of Aussie vegans.
4 Oct 18
They previously launched their chef-powered Deluxe Range last month.
24 Sep 18
The burger brand has stocked Tabasco's original hot sauce since launching seven years ago.
24 Sep 18
They will be giving away a total of 1,200 free Oktoberfest Burgers on October 2.
14 Sep 18
The new item is available until October 19.
14 Sep 18
The ice cream chain will also add three more flavours in the coming months.
30 Aug 18
It is exclusively available in Uber Eats for its first week of launch.
23 Aug 18
The latest offerings are available until September 23.
20 Aug 18
Find out why the burger brand believes there is more room for innovation in partnerships within the QSR space.
15 Aug 18
The Mexican restaurant chain added another plant-based topping to their menu.
12 Aug 18
After launching its pre-packaged taco kits, the Mexican food brand is still looking for ways to provide the freshest options for people on-the-go...
10 Aug 18
The fast food giant’s iconic signatures are now being served around the clock.
2 Aug 18
The “Not Your Average Nan’s Cuppa” smoothies are made with a mix of real fruit and creamy yoghurt.
2 Aug 18
The Melbourne-based burger chain assures that vegans will never feel out of place again.
31 Jul 18
The kit contains 12 tacos, 2 choices of filling, and a choice of salsa.
20 Jul 18
Vegan cheese also became a permanent pizza topping on their menu this year.
13 Jul 18
The iconic brand spices up their classics to serve as winter warmers.
11 Jul 18
For a limited time, the new addition is free to try in all their meals.
5 Jul 18
Customers who want to eat the "Double Decker Death Wish" are told to sign a waiver first.
29 Jun 18
The new offering coincides with the mixed martial artist's upcoming speaking tour in Australia.
29 Jun 18
The Cypriot cheese has become a favorite in other countries.
21 Jun 18
The spicy new burger features two different types of hot sauce.
18 Jun 18
The restaurant chain looks to their sauces to give them the competitive advantage.
10 Jun 18
The limited-edition flavor will be available until the end of the month.
4 Jun 18
It is part of the smoothie brand’s Aussie Milk Bar range.
4 Jun 18
But how should competing brands that feature the Hawaiian dish separate themselves?
28 May 18
New items include a slow-cooked beef brisket and roasted cauliflower.
28 May 18
The pie and burger combo is now available in their stores throughout Western Australia.
16 May 18
As part of its Big Mac 50th celebrations, Macca’s will be serving up the Grand Big Mac.
11 May 18
The Boysenberry Swirl is mixed with boysenberry pieces and brought together with a berry swirl.
8 May 18
The Winter Warming selection has been created with the seasonal ingredients, boasting wholesome vegetarian soups.
3 May 18
Aside from being free from soy and dairy, the new item is claimed to be low in sugar and high in fibre.
13 Apr 18
Lord of the Fries is set to become the first Australian restaurant to bring Beyond Meat burger into its stores.
11 Apr 18
Tomatoes grown in Echuca, Victoria will be used to make the chain’s marinara sauce from April 2018.
11 Apr 18
It is in celebration of the launch of the movie Ferdinand on Blu-Ray and DVD.
9 Apr 18
Domino’s ANZ CEO Nick Knight confirmed that Vegan Cheese is officially back in all stores.
4 Apr 18
The Barnyard Stack is a triple decker burger, available in stores starting April 2.
4 Apr 18
Available from March 31, the new V Donut is a donut coated in green sugar crystals and filled with Guarana-spiked filling.
21 Mar 18
The burger features 100% Australian-bred Wagyu beef.