Menu Innovations

15 Oct 20
The chain looks to reach more customers following a plant-based diet.
14 Oct 20
As a result, the fast food giant says it will be purchasing almost 17 million kilograms of Aussie chicken this year.
13 Oct 20
The range can also be bought as a take home pack.
13 Oct 20
Items are available starting 20 October from select VIC and NSW stores.
13 Oct 20
The item is available until 2 November.
28 Sep 20
The brand has been giving away vouchers to celebrate the new items.
21 Sep 20
The range is available at select stores.
6 Sep 20
The Vietnamese chain’s Meal Boxes feature QR codes that take customers to a range of cooking demonstration videos.
14 Aug 20
The chain is looking to offer wider options for flexitarians.
27 Jul 20
Both the “Big Jack” and the “Mega Jack” will be available for a limited time.
23 Jul 20
The promotion will run until 30 August.
22 Jul 20
It is available across the chain’s 43 stores for a limited time.
17 Jul 20
Leaders from KFC, Nando’s, Krispy Kreme, Ribs & Burgers and Sandhurst discuss what customers are eating.
15 Jul 20
The chain has 82 stores throughout the country.
7 Jul 20
More Aussies are getting curious about plant-based diets, their CEO says.
18 Jun 20
The range features a returning item.
2 Jun 20
The chain also opened a store in Eden’s Crossing in QLD.
30 Apr 20
The “Powered by Plants” will be trialled in five of the chain’s locations before a national rollout.
30 Apr 20
The chain sold hundreds of kits days after launching it via an online store in Malaysia.
20 Mar 20
The launch follows the chain’s move to implement contactless delivery and pickup.
18 Mar 20
The premium burger is also available via McDelivery.
16 Mar 20
The new items are available starting 17 March.
16 Mar 20
Its Australia franchisee will continue to open bakeries in Queensland and interstate later this year.
9 Mar 20
The chain wanted to incorporate the vegan food trend to their range.
5 Mar 20
The chain is set to launch its 29th store in VIC.
4 Mar 20
The new creation is also available via UberEATS and the chain’s Click & Collect.
25 Feb 20
The three chains weigh in on the segment that is sweeping markets.
24 Feb 20
It is available in select stores until 2 March.
12 Feb 20
The items will be available across all 47 stores for a limited time.
6 Feb 20
The latest flavour offering will be available from 14 February to 15 March.
6 Feb 20
The new items include a burger with sriracha.
3 Feb 20
It is inspired by the all-night party scene in Thailand’s Koh Pangan island.
3 Feb 20
The new chocolate variant is made from Ruby cocoa beans.
28 Jan 20
The chain will be giving away 500 Great Pretender burgers on 30 January in Brisbane.
22 Jan 20
The new drinks range is available until 11 February.
17 Jan 20
The “fish-less fish” is made from soy, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables and grains.
15 Jan 20
Whilst having no meat ingredients included, the new item, however, is not strictly a vegetarian burger due to its cooking procedure.
7 Jan 20
The chain has 174 stores across the country.
18 Dec 19
The chain also revealed its partner for its first drive-thru store in 2020.
18 Dec 19
The festive coffee is said to be “lighter and brighter” compared to the chain’s signature blends.