8 Apr 21
Local dining brands dominate the top ten.
8 Feb 21
Actual cheese remained the most added ingredient to pizzas in 2020.
21 Jan 21
81% of restaurant owners are planning to hire more staff.
11 Jan 21
Recovery will depend on consumer confidence, the insights agency said.
11 Jan 21
Searches for vegan recipes also recorded an all-time high.
13 Dec 20
We look back at the highs and lows of the Australian multi-site restaurant industry these past twelve months.
8 Sep 20
It is expected to be “somewhat sheltered” from the worst of COVID-19.
3 Sep 20
Restaurants are looking for new ways to thrive.
19 Jun 20
Hygiene will remain a priority for customers.
17 May 20
Research revealed that Gen Z-ers are more focused on earning rewards for recycling.
7 Apr 20
Off-premises dining increased by 10% prior to the shutdown, data from the NPD Group has revealed.
9 Mar 20
China and Italy are some of the most hard-hit markets by the outbreak.
10 Feb 20
KFC, meanwhile, saw the most number of store openings in a year.
16 Jan 20
Families with kids also often consume chicken because it is “easy to share” and is served alongside a variety of condiments.
16 Dec 19
We look back at the highs and lows of the Australian multi-site restaurant industry these past twelve months.
5 Dec 19
37,000 salads were ordered in one month in Australia alone.
29 Oct 19
Executives from Oporto, NeNe Chicken and General Chicken Co talk about their views on what’s happening in the category.
10 Oct 19
This is twice as much chicken as beef and pork, and six times more than lamb.
30 Aug 19
Online ordering remains a key asset for pizza chains wanting a bigger share in the billion-dollar segment.
8 Jul 19
New research estimates the category to be worth $7.7 billion in Australia.
5 Jul 19
The delivery company says it has seen a doubling in healthy restaurants and options on the Australian platform over the past two years.
4 Jul 19
Research from The Point of Loyalty revealed growing concerns about data security.
17 Jun 19
The sandwich chain says 50 tonnes of Chicken Classic fillets were consumed in 2018.
28 May 19
The competitive sector is projected to grow further in the next five years, but in a slower pace.
14 May 19
The food delivery company helped to create nearly 8,000 additional jobs across the country.
29 Apr 19
Execs from Sumo, Nutrition Station, and Crisp offer their insights on movements surrounding the growing category.
22 Apr 19
Young singles in Australia’s inner cities are the biggest proponents of vegetarianism.
1 Apr 19
Burger Project, Ribs & Burgers and Red Rooster execs share the latest trends in the category.
15 Feb 19
Roy Morgan's latest research says over 3 million Australians visit QSRs "10 or more times " in a four week period.
7 Feb 19
Those with a finance-related profession are said to eat the healthiest.
8 Jan 19
We look back at the highs and lows of the Australian multi-site restaurant industry these past twelve months.
2 Nov 18
They warned, however, that retail is the only sector to have negative business conditions as household budgets have weakened.
31 Oct 18
The cafe has mostly attracted customers from the younger generations.
2 Sep 18
QSRs are still hailed as the fastest growing channel despite muted consumer participation.
2 Sep 18
The NPD Group identified chicken as the most heavily consumed meat in the country.
2 Sep 18
Population growth is said to be its key driver.
28 Aug 18
The said sector is now worth AUD$7 billion in the industry.
3 Aug 18
Aussies went out to more cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and pubs compared to other leisure activities during the covered period.
31 Jul 18
The global coffee chain shut down 61 of its stores in 2008.
30 Jul 18
The research firm says their need and desire for convenience continues to grow.