Fast casual

19 Feb 21
They are also looking to enter the Victorian market by 2022.
19 Jan 21
The Penrith restaurant is expected to open mid-2021.
18 Jan 21
It will have around 280 seats.
11 Jan 21
This is the chain’s first store in SA.
23 Nov 20
The new outlet is their fourth in the last six months.
3 Nov 20
Both brands will open their doors at the development by end-2020.
20 Oct 20
The cafe chain looks to capitalise on the footfall expected in the upcoming festive season.
15 Oct 20
The chain currently has 86 stores nationwide.
9 Sep 20
The chain now has over 20 locations.
25 Feb 20
It will open its doors on 29 February.
10 Feb 20
The sandwich chain eyes its nationwide roll out if proven successful.
6 Feb 20
The bento meal is sold exclusively at the chain’s Westfield Garden City restaurant.
26 Nov 19
The chain wants to redefine a new era in Japanese cuisine.
15 Oct 19
He also explains to QSR Media why the two burger concepts won’t result in market cannibalisation.
12 Aug 19
Goobne’s first site will be located in Sydney’s Darling Square.
24 May 19
The chain is opening new outlets in Maitland and Wollongong.
25 Apr 19
The American fast casual restaurant chain has over 130 stores worldwide.
10 Apr 19
The new bar and eatery has a 24-hour service for hotel guests.
18 Mar 19
It will open its doors on 27 March.
11 Mar 19
Two new Queensland locations are slated to open in the coming months.
4 Mar 19
The fast casual chain will give away 500 free hotdogs on opening day.
18 Feb 19
The brand is seeing a more health-focused customer base.
8 Feb 19
Their Dee Why site is said to be the largest restaurant they opened so far.
3 Feb 19
All seven locations across Sydney will treat guests to two-for-one pizzas on the 9th.
23 Jan 19
The fast casual restaurant chain is also eyeing to have 30 stores by FY 2020.
26 Nov 18
Both outlets are slated on open this week.
9 Nov 18
The fast casual brand looks to get a bigger share in family-friendly dining experiences.
5 Nov 18
The Tex-Mex brand will also open their third site in Brisbane on November 30.
29 Oct 18
This is the Malaysia-based noodle chain’s first restaurant outside Asia.
29 Oct 18
This is also the brand's first outlet in South Australia.
17 Sep 18
Know more about how the Mediterranean chain wishes to change the way Aussies view local kebab shops.
23 Aug 18
A new range of limited-edition meals and beers will also be added to their menu.
20 Aug 18
Their single scoop order now costs 0.50c more.
10 Aug 18
The Vietnamese fast casual brand is nearing the 70-outlet mark.
10 Aug 18
Farmers from NSW and QLD are facing issues brought by the dry weather conditions.
6 Aug 18
This will be the South Korean chain’s first opening in the Northern Territory.
30 Jul 18
Find out how their Black Label concept will capitalise on the evolution of fast casual dining.
17 Jul 18
Kicking off on July 29, the series will feature guest chefs who will create their unique takes on Belles’ classic chicken.
27 Nov 17
Pizza Hut's brand manager, Mark Diezmann, spoke to QSR Media to detail the new fast casual dining concept that has launched today (27th...
11 Dec 15
QSR Media talks to Clovis Young, founder and CEO of Mad Mex, to discuss its newest concept.