15 Aug 19
The initiative sees a heat-sensitive dot placed on the chain’s boxes to measure the temperature of the pizza.
27 Jun 19
Almost 4,000 people have voted for or against the fruit addition via the chain’s Facebook chat bot.
25 Jun 19
QSR Media talks to the chains’ marketing executives to discuss the latest trends and challenges.
10 Apr 19
The ad was criticized for being "racist" on social media.
22 Mar 19
The cheeky campaign is inspired by customers’ first experiences with the brand’s drinks.
4 Mar 19
An behavioural specialist explains why customers easily recall the pizza chain's classic 481-1111 tune.
27 Feb 19
The complaint from the Obesity Policy Council criticised the chain for its way of presenting Happy Meals.
20 Feb 19
The pizza chain also launched a competition calling for Aussies to create their own unique twist on the iconic jingle.
15 Feb 19
The partnership will see the racer perform incredible stunts filmed exclusively for the campaign.
5 Dec 18
The "All Roll'd Up" campaign highlights the fresh ingredients that go into the chain's rice paper rolls.
4 Dec 18
The healthy fast food chain will be the rugby club's new front of shorts sponsor.
2 Nov 18
The move comes after appointing The Royals to their creative account.
22 Oct 18
The brand also revealed their plans to enhance their relationships with their franchisees.
3 Sep 18
Learn how their new slogan came about and how the brand plans to approach its future.
26 Aug 18
The rise of digital ordering is shifting competition among QSRs online.
9 Aug 18
The burger chain wants to prove that "it's not the same without the flame." Hungry Jack's has released their newest ad...
1 Aug 18
The fast casual brand looks to further connect with its customers through the new partnership.
23 Jul 18
Chief marketing officer, Lara Thom, looks back at the success of #BringCalHome, and explains the importance of brands having a personality.
11 Jul 18
The global sandwich brand lauded the Australian and New Zealand teams for their “phenomenal” numbers during the event.
5 Jul 18
The regional champions will be flown to Sydney to compete in the finals on July 27.
21 Jun 18
The donut brand shares their excitement in entering new markets.
17 Jun 18
Here is a summary of the most interesting QSR news stories of the week from around the world.
14 Jun 18
Top-tier brands were duly recognized for their outstanding work in foodservice.
7 Jun 18
Their videos present the brand’s PERi-PERi sauces as a time-saving flavour solution.
17 Apr 18
It has beaten Adidas and The Walking Dead in the ‘best use of Instagram story’ category.
16 Apr 18
Combo items, special discounts, and the daily special – whether people dine out or stay in, a customer wanting a good deal has always been a...
26 Nov 17
It asks customers to join The HCG Buckethead Army and support both Magellan Ashes and the KFC Big Bash league.
20 Nov 17
It is the brand's first campaign in Oz.
9 Oct 17
The enhancements aim to improve customer service and Franchisee standards.
22 Sep 17
QSR Media reached out to Kristy Bannister, director of Mug Life Cafe, to discuss the brand’s Prepaid Coffee Membership program, as well as...
22 Sep 17
Crust won exclusive rights as the only QSR brand to attend and distribute at the festival.
23 Aug 17
It will roll out new crew uniform, fresh store decals and design features.
31 Jul 17
It will run a 12-month strategic sponsorship with the primetime breakfast show.
5 Jul 17
The service is available at approximately one-third of La Porchetta’s sites.
22 Jun 17
The iced tea chain launched a new social media driven campaign.
21 Jun 17
QSR Media recognizes and celebrates the very best of the Australian quick service and fast casual restaurant industry.
20 Jun 17
The chicken chain is looking to keep pace with the fast food market.
20 Jun 17
McDonald's has a right to call its coffee “Australia’s most popular”.
19 Jun 17
QSR Media has gathered the top players and experts for the biggest event in the industry.
15 Jun 17
Pizza Capers was crowned the Best Food & Drink Franchise Group at the 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards.