12 Mar 21
The platform is focused on an accelerated growth path and increasing market gains.
5 Mar 21
The company remains “very optimistic” towards its future growth plans.
16 Feb 21
Its CEO said the decision is in line with one of the company’s values of “positive impact”.
3 Feb 21
The pizza chain said the move was consistent with its approach throughout COVID-19.
29 Jan 21
The company said a Taco Bell was coming to Christchurch.
18 Jan 21
The chain will continue to roll out a series of branded kiosks.
18 Jan 21
Read the statement from the Fair Work Ombudsman here.
11 Jan 21
Athletic Ventures will also become a new investor.
17 Dec 20
Read the ACCC's statement here.
11 Dec 20
We published an article which said that the company operating as Sandwich Chefs had filed for liquidation.
17 Nov 20
The franchisee claimed employees were only allowed to have a drink or go to the toilet during their 10-minute breaks.
22 Oct 20
Offer documents may be ready by the first half of 2021.
20 Oct 20
The chain is the third largest QSR in the country.
25 Sep 20
The chain recently opened its 140th overall store.
4 Sep 20
McDonald’s said Hungry Jack’s “deliberately adopted or imitated” the “distinctive appearance or build” of...
2 Sep 20
This was far from their $142.5m loss the year prior.
19 Aug 20
The chain invested in additional sanitiser and protective equipment.
27 Jul 20
He was appointed to offer advice on franchising and health care services.
2 Jul 20
Read the franchisor’s update here.
30 Jun 20
The performance of Its Sizzler restaurants, in contrast, were severely hit by the pandemic.
26 Jun 20
415 outlets are also receiving rent concessions.
22 Jun 20
Collins Foods issued a cease-and-desist notice earlier this month.
29 May 20
EG is expected to open at least 100 to-go outlets within 12 months.
5 Mar 20
The announcement follows initial plans by Taco Bell to have 60 stores in the two markets by 2024.
28 Feb 20
Same-store sales across its brands lowered by 2%.
27 Feb 20
Read the Fair Work Ombudsman’s statement here.
20 Feb 20
The company’s network sales were up 10.6%.
13 Feb 20
Read the full statement from Collins Foods here.
10 Feb 20
Read the Fair Work Ombudsman's statement here.
23 Jan 20
Read the Fair Work Ombudsman’s statement here.
13 Jan 20
The burger chain first entered Baghdad in 2012.
13 Jan 20
The pizza chain denied being engaged in misleading and deceptive behaviour.
9 Jan 20
Read the full statement from the Fair Work Ombudsman here.
9 Jan 20
The transaction is expected to be settled by March 2020.
9 Jan 20
Read the Fair Work Ombudsman’s full statement here.
18 Dec 19
Read the full statement here.