KFC hits pause on “Finger Lickin' Good” slogan after 64 years

The fast food chain says it does not fit in the “current environment”.

KFC hits pause on “Finger Lickin' Good” slogan after 64 years

The fast food chain says it does not fit in the “current environment”.

Red Rooster, Bakers Delight stick to core products, community involvement to retain customer attention

The chains also explain the value in shifting their focus across digital, social media and television channels.

Six marketing tips to save your quick service restaurant brand post-COVID-19

With store reopenings imminent, most QSR brands will prepare for operational readiness, including adjusting processes to expected government requirements relating to customer and staff safety and hygiene.

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Quick service restaurants are growing rapidly and competition can often feel like a feeding frenzy.

Pizza Hut announces partnership with Ben & Jerry's

10,000 Pint Slices are being given away to celebrate the team up.

What are your distinctive brand assets?

Speaking of a great food experience, I was reminded the other day how much I enjoyed the distinctive salty and flowery taste of month old Play-Doh during my formative years. What jogged my memory was reading how Hasbro had successfully trademarked the smell of their popular brand.

KFC offers six chicken-themed weddings

Interested couples can lodge an application form on its website.

Ribs & Burgers' Get Schnitty campaign goes live

The campaign is in preparation for their 8th anniversary.

Pizza Hut draws on nostalgia, brings back ‘Dougie' for Hot Dot campaign

The initiative sees a heat-sensitive dot placed on the chain’s boxes to measure the temperature of the pizza.

Mad Mex reports “great” engagement results from Pineapple Burrito campaign

Almost 4,000 people have voted for or against the fruit addition via the chain’s Facebook chat bot.

How Bakers Delight, Soul Origin and Huxtaburger are marketing themselves to the smarter consumer

QSR Media talks to the chains’ marketing executives to discuss the latest trends and challenges.

Burger King New Zealand takes down controversial chopstick ad

The ad was criticized for being "racist" on social media.

Chatime launches ‘My First Time' brand campaign

The cheeky campaign is inspired by customers’ first experiences with the brand’s drinks.

Why brands like Pizza Hut are using jingles for their marketing

An behavioural specialist explains why customers easily recall the pizza chain's classic 481-1111 tune.

McDonald's removes children's app following advertising watchdog complaint

The complaint from the Obesity Policy Council criticised the chain for its way of presenting Happy Meals.

Pizza Hut revamped its classic jingle to celebrate its latest 'unreal' deal

The pizza chain also launched a competition calling for Aussies to create their own unique twist on the iconic jingle.