In Focus

12 Aug 18
After launching its pre-packaged taco kits, the Mexican food brand is still looking for ways to provide the freshest options for people on-the-go...
5 Aug 18
Find out how the once-troubled doughnut chain plans to re-establish its then-leading brand position.
30 Jul 18
Find out how their Black Label concept will capitalise on the evolution of fast casual dining.
23 Jul 18
Chief marketing officer, Lara Thom, looks back at the success of #BringCalHome, and explains the importance of brands having a personality.
11 Jul 18
Learn how the U.S.-based brand will set itself apart in Australia’s fast casual dining arena.
1 Jul 18
In an exclusive interview with QSR Media, international president Liz Williams explains the principles behind their expansion plan.
21 Jun 18
The donut brand shares their excitement in entering new markets.
18 Jun 18
The restaurant chain looks to their sauces to give them the competitive advantage.
11 Jun 18
International president Liz Williams says the "more mature" Australian market is now ready for the global brand.
4 Jun 18
But how should competing brands that feature the Hawaiian dish separate themselves?
28 May 18
The global burger's upcoming centre in the country is poised to be a hub for food and IT innovation.
18 May 18
Needing a quick bite no longer means eating unhealthy.
11 May 18
Zarraffa’s Coffee's founder and managing director Kenton Campbell said that IT plays a significant role as the brand expands into New...
4 May 18
Foddies' mission is to unite and bring people together through freedom of food choices.
30 Apr 18
From its inception, the conversation on the use of chatbots in 2018 continues to be a polarising subject.
22 Apr 18
The brand is trialing the use of digital menu panels which are slated to roll out across all new stores and refits in 2018.
16 Apr 18
Combo items, special discounts, and the daily special – whether people dine out or stay in, a customer wanting a good deal has always been a...
6 Apr 18
The brand feels that its values, identity, and storytelling are still crucial to communicate its products and services.
2 Apr 18
With its increasing investment in the digital sphere over the past 3 years, the brand announced that it is in the midst of implementing a digital...
23 Mar 18
India and Bangladesh are Gelatissimo’s new frontiers in 2018, with stores to open in both countries within a couple of months.
16 Mar 18
Muffin Break will soon announce a social action initiative which will focus on taking 11 million paper cups from its stores out of the stream.
12 Mar 18
With 84 locations so far, Chatime is continually looking at its business model to drive innovation across various disciplines, including asset...
2 Mar 18
The Bansal Group also announced its plans to provide consumers with products they love, stay innovative, and bring new things to market for them...
23 Feb 18
It also announced plans to shake up the smoothie and juice market with product innovations to launch in the coming months.
18 Feb 18
An emerging burger concept with three outlets so far - Burger Love has plans to expand internationally into China, Indonesia, and the UK.
9 Feb 18
As the smaller footprint of the traditional Hog's Steakhouse, Hog’s Express provides the latest technology which includes a fully...
2 Feb 18
With the recent partnership with Uber Eats and the launch of its drone delivery, Guzman y Gomez says exciting times are ahead for the brand....
29 Jan 18
The brand has big plans to continue to stay ahead in the market with product innovation, refinement of eco-responsible packaging, and developing a...
22 Jan 18
Piccolo Me co-founder Charlie Hachem will be working with Master Franchisees to facilitate the brand's growth in overseas markets.
12 Jan 18
Soul Origin says they're currently focused on increasing their digital presence, as well as making a move to expand in Western Australia....
18 Dec 17
QSR Media's Year in Review looks at the big news of this year.
8 Dec 17
From homegrown to contemporary concepts across Asia and the UK, let's take a look at some of the brands and determine what sets them apart.
1 Dec 17
Major growth is planned over the next couple of years, with a goal of 100 combined stores in the next 24-36 months.
27 Nov 17
Pizza Hut's brand manager, Mark Diezmann, spoke to QSR Media to detail the new fast casual dining concept that has launched today (27th...
20 Nov 17
CEO Luke Baylis spoke to QSR media about the restructure from traditional outlets to transport hubs.
13 Nov 17
QSR Media has reached out to Ben Miles, Subway’s senior manager - public relations & corporate social responsibility, to discuss the...
3 Nov 17
QSR Media has reached out to Roll'd to discuss its recent brand refresh, as well as its community initiatives which helped support and rescue...
27 Oct 17
QSR Media has reached out to the CEO of Funky Mexican Cantina, Ross Worth, to discuss its Western Australia push, and how it envisions to be a...
20 Oct 17
QSR Media spoke with Coco Bliss’ co-founder, Candice Kemp, to discuss the brand’s journey since its founding at 2013, as well as how...
13 Oct 17
QSR Media has reached Larry Kruguer, President International at Wingstop Restaurants, Inc., to discuss about its imminent launch in the country....