The Ultimate Frying System for the QSR Market

Jun 30, 2016

Frymaster’s FilterQuick fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers that drastically help improve profit margins with labour and energy saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives and safeguard workers. With simple push button filtering and auto top-off (ATO) of frypot oil, the FilterQuick will not only save you up to 40% in oil costs, but allow you to become a true fry master.

Click here to see why Frymaster FilterQuick is the world’s most advance oil conserving technology.

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Cambro - Store your food without compromising taste or safety

Cambro is the storage company that takes HACCP compliance seriously. All products are food grade, which never rust, smell or stain, to make sure food is kept as fresh and safe as when it comes out of the oven or into the kitchen. Its quality and claims are audited by the National Sanitation Foundation and backed by OEM warranties and insurance.

With Cambro, purchase once, use for years.

Cambro - keeping your best at its best.

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