A Beginners Guide to Filtration Part 2

Feb 06, 2017

With each new advancement in commercial kitchen technology, businesses can enjoy faster prep times, more intuitive interfaces and better quality menu items. These innovations are fantastic, but how can they also provide benefits to your bottom line and to staff wellbeing?

In our latest article, we spoke about Frymaster’s FootPrint PRO Filtration System and how this is a perfect first step for businesses entering the world of inbuilt fryer filtration. In part 2, we take a look at the next series up in Frymaster’s range of filtration systems and the tangible benefits that can be seen by investing this technology.

Fry your way into better profit margins

There are many markers of a successful quick service restaurant – from loyal, regular customers to awards – but ultimately everything always comes back to the bottom line. Any tactics to reduce costs and drive up profits therefore become extremely valuable, and this is an area where the Frymastyer FilterQuick system shines. We've talked in a previous article about how the system can save oil, and this is the number one way to reduce costs in terms of commercial deep frying.

To recap, the FilterQuick system accomplishes oil savings in a number of ways, including:

  • An integrated sensor detects oil quality and takes the guesswork out of when to replace your oil.
  • The Auto Top Off mechanism keeps oil fresher for longer.
  • An optimised fry pot that uses 40 per cent less oil.
  • These innovations aren't simply extra features that offer more functionality. They can provide a radical shift in how your business uses oil, and you'll see the results on bank statements and overall profits.


The system doesn't require much attention, with a single press of a button all that's required to start the process.

Safer and happier employees

Employees may not be too bothered about profits, but they certainly do care about the environment that they work in, and they'll see a range of benefits from the FilterQuick system. In turn, this will result in happier, more engaged employees, which isn't something that you can just go out and buy.

The key benefits that employees will see include a safer work environment, which is achieved through minimal exposure to hot oil. This is because the system doesn't require much attention, with a single press of a button all that's required to start the process. Not only is this safer, but allows your staff to get on with other more important jobs in the kitchen.

Finally, the oil quality sensor also means that food cooked in the fryer will be of a consistently high quality. We'll touch more on this final point in the second instalment of this article series, but in the meantime, contact Comcater today with any questions about how you can enjoy these benefits from Frymaster's FilterQuick system.


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