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As one of the largest suppliers of the Australian Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food markets, Comcater is proud to present a portfolio of brands dedicated to high volume output, speedy service, consistency and space saving kitchen designs.

Perfect the art of a crisp chip with our huge range of Frymaster fryers, or grill the best burgers in town with thanks to the affordable Trueheat range. Plus with a staff filled with Chefs and industry experts, you’re guaranteed to find the right solution for any QSR need.

Perfect your buns in less time with Antunes vertical contact toaster

Guilty of serving a soggy burger that is too far from what it is supposed to look like as you have advertised? 

It’s time to make your customers’ expectations and what you serve in reality meet by serving good-quality sandwiches that your brand promised. How do you do this? Start with the buns — the ingredient that could define your burger’s quality, both in terms of look and taste. 

The Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster is just the perfect partner for QSRs to level up your bun game and make good-looking and good-tasting burgers, sandwiches, and a whole lot of other kinds of bread you are offering in your menu.

“Now present in kitchens of the most successful foodservice operations around the world, the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster gives buns a consistent, golden-brown finish for burgers that taste better, look better, and feel hotter once in the hands of the customers. This means no more soggy buns because well-toasted buns prevent ingredient juices from soaking in and allows the burger to remain firm and delicious from the first bite,” says Paul Gruar, National Accounts Manager at Comcater.

As restaurant menus expand and offer a more complex serving of burger, QSRs need a bun-toasting solution that’s both consistent and efficient. This is where Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster comes in, delivering a consistent result that is always hotter, fresher, and faster without the extra time and cost. Here’s how: 

The secret

The main feature of the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster is its dual-sided platen that allows buns to feed into both sides of the toaster simultaneously. This significantly cuts down toasting times —burger buns can be ready in as fast as 12 seconds — while ensuring consistent quality for all the products that go through the toaster.

Got your signature toast? Easily control how toasted you want your buns to be with Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster’s digital controller. The toaster's compression settings, toasting temperature and bun heating temperature are adjustable so every bun can have a perfect golden-brown finish without being flattened or marked. This puts an end to burnt buns, cold buns or undercooked, soggy ones that just go to waste.

The Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster also has an optional removable butter wheel that butters the bun before toasting. It also has specially designed conveyors that guide the bun along the platen while protective wraps and release sheets prevent additional caramelisation and build-up that could cause sticking. Talking about efficiency, the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster also has an automatic gravity-fed bun feeder where you can pre-load buns into the toaster so you can focus on other tasks in the kitchen.

However, don't mistake the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster as designed only for burger buns as it is the perfect partner for operations offering a wide variety of sandwich types. Since its compression settings are easily adjustable based on the heel and crown of your bread, the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster providing a single solution for specialty bread like wheat, brioche, pretzel buns, focaccias and more. Wraps are even possible with a clever optional silicone insert.

The difference

Why invest in a toaster for high-quality buns when there’s that old-school grill that can also get the job done? Here’s a fact: toasting buns on the grill takes a lot of your valuable time and raises the risk of cross-contamination.

The Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster is a more efficient partner in the kitchen with shorter and adjustable toast times, ranging from 10 to 50 seconds, allowing increased productivity and shorter preparation times, even when there’s a rush of orders.

The VCT20HI model toaster also has a built-in auxiliary heater that warms the top sides of the buns to help keep the assembled sandwich warmer for longer, unlike other toasting equipment that yields unappetising results after fast toasting.

Conventional grills also have a lower capacity yet take up too much space in the kitchen. It may be big on capability and efficiency, but the Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster has a small footprint with its space-saving vertical design. Its upright design saves valuable counter and canopy space, allowing easy integration into any operation.

At the end of the day with Antunes Vertical Contact Toaster, users need not worry about cleaning it as it is just as easy as using it. The operator can just use a damp sanitised towel to clean its key parts, such as the bun feeder, heat shield, and bun chute, and air dry to ensure that the equipment will keep running smoothly for a long time.

Speak to a QSR foodservice equipment specialist to find out how Antunes can help you in your kitchen. Contact Comcater on 1300 309 262 or visit

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