Our top three unusual foods to try out in your deep fryer

Jul 10, 2017

It seems that almost every year, another version of deep fried food appears on a list of top trends. While some might appear crazy and just plain weird, other deep fried trends have a little more merit.

Of course, there is certainly more to deep frying than fish and chips – highlighting the value of a more diverse menu. Frymaster deep fryers are innovative pieces of technology that continue to push boundaries, allowing restaurants and cafes to experiment with new fried dishes and exciting menu offerings. So, what can you actually put in a deep fryer?


We know that fresh pasta is pretty good, but bear with us on this one. As ravioli essentially creates a case for the mixture inside, when it’s deep fried, the pasta on the outside goes crispy and the filling is still moist and fresh – delicious.

This method means restaurants could put anything from cheese to chicken inside their ravioli, developing unique dishes that customers come back for time and time again.

For an entree or appetiser, restaurants could prepare a plate of ravioli with a beautiful marinara or tomato dipping sauce. Sprinkle some herbs and Parmesan over the top and you have a dish that is out-of-the-box, different and can be easily shared!


Grills and bistros utilise mushrooms in many ways. However, have you thought about deep frying them for an added bit of crunch? Restaurants can deep fry mushrooms for many purposes including a stand-alone entree or as a garnish.

In a similar way to deep fried ravioli, it’s best to serve mushrooms with a tasty dipping sauce. A popular option in the United States is ranch dressing, but as you’re experimenting with your deep fryer, you might as well have a play with the sauce as well.


No, your screen resolution is fine; you read ‘coke’ as an idea for deep frying. As you can imagine, this recipe originated in the United States and could be your next great dessert menu item.

If you’re wondering how liquid coke is turned into a solid deep fried paradise, it isn’t that hard. Add elements such as flour, baking powder, salt, eggs and sugar to regular coca-cola and mix until the batter is smooth. This mixture can be then placed in the deep fryer to do its magic.

Once the batter is removed from the deep fryer, the best way to serve it is in a bowl or cup. Layer ice cream, cream, berries on top and you have a pretty special new dessert option.

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