Find out how your business can save thousands of dollars in energy and oil costs per year with Frymaster FilterQuick

Aug 22, 2016

David Magnanini, Comcater Product Manager, discusses the new Frymaster FilterQuick and how it can help quick service and fast casual restaurants nationwide save up to over $9,000 per year.

QSR Media: Can you tell us more about Frymaster FilterQuick? What features does it have?

David Magnanini: The Frymaster FilterQuick is the most advanced frying system in the foodservice market. Operators have reported saving 60% of oil costs with the technology in this fry system. It has a 15 litre frypot but produces the same amount of food as a 25 litre. This is because it has an advanced in-built Automatic filter system designed to remove food particles and crumbs, all with a simple touch of a button, which is the safest way to filter hot oil. The automatic oil replenishment system means less handling and a greater ratio of fresh to used oil, therefore increasing oil life even more. The smaller frypot also means less energy is required to heat up the oil, resulting in a 10% reduction in energy use.

QSR Media: What sets it apart from other fryers in the market?

David Magnanini: The latest function an Oil Quality Sensor takes the guesswork out of the age old question of when is the best time to dispose of oil.

QSR Media: How have your customers been reacting?

David Magnanini: Customers who have installed the units find that the oil savings measures stack up and operators find it so much easier to operate than their old units.

QSR Media: How can the product improve kitchens in the fast casual and quick service restaurant scene?

David Magnanini: The skills shortage in the QSR market means that businesses need equipment that takes the guesswork out of cooking to ensure consistent best quality products are served and best practice safety measures are in place. The FilterQuick addresses both of these crucial elements, while saving the business owner $1000s per year in oil and energy savings.

QSR Media: How do the cost savings stack up?

David Magnanini: A three fry pot system with 25 litres each, who changes oil twice per week could cost a business $15,600 in oil per year. This system will automatically provide a 40% saving to that cost, which equates to $6140 per year. But correct usage of the system could result in $9240 savings in oil + 10% saving in energy costs per year!

QSR Media: Any other comments?

David Magnanini: See Comcater for a free demonstration of FilterQuick in showrooms across Australia.

Visit the Comcater website here for more information.


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