Commercial Kitchen Buying Guide Part 1: Microwaves

Nov 11, 2016

The product of an unexpected discovery by engineer Percy Spencer back in the 1940s, the microwave oven has become a mainstay in innumerous homes around the world.

While a microwave offers a quick and easy way to reheat items at your venue, they can cause huge headaches for venues who choose to rely on a domestic model for their commercial foodservice needs.

Thankfully, Menumaster's range of commercial microwaves offer QSR operators a huge selection of microwaves for any and every application – from the service station heating up a meat pie - to Australia's biggest drive through coffee chain crisping thousands of toasties per day.

Commercial vs. domestic use 

For smaller QSR operations, a domestic microwave may seem like a sufficient and more economic choice to suit your needs.

However, you need to take into consideration that, like many domestic products, a standard home microwave is only designed to be used 3-5 times a day. With the constant use, you'll find your typical domestic microwave is unable to withstand the strain of the kitchen, which can even lead to it malfunctioning or breaking down.

Unlike their domestic counterparts, commercial microwaves don't require a turntable to rotate the food for heating, as the stirrer mechanism distributes heat evenly and efficiently for consistent results any staff member can replicate.

Why choose Menumaster?

Commercial microwaves such as those by Menumaster have been constructed with the needs of the professional kitchen in mind, and are intended for upwards of 200 uses throughout the day.

Another difference between domestic and commercial microwaves is the warranty – the warranty for domestic machines does not cover use in the foodservice industry. When you choose a Menumaster microwave, you have the benefit of a commercial warranty, not to mention onsite service. This offering is unmatched by any other commercial microwave manufacturer, and means you don't have the hassle of removing your machine from your kitchen and returning it to a service centre.

For smaller scale foodservice businesses 

The lighter duty Menumaster microwaves such as the RCS511DSE are a welcome alternative to a domestic machine. With 1100 watts of power and a user-friendly ten-minute timer, this model is built for up to 100 uses per day, with an easy-to-clean stainless steel body.

Taking a step up for busier operations, the Menumaster RFS518TS is a reliable addition to a range of kitchens, with 1800 watts of power across five different power levels. Designed to handle +200 uses each day, with the option for four-stage cooking, it is perfectly suited to busy cafes and other foodservice businesses.

For larger scale foodservice businesses

The Menumaster DEC heavy duty range is built to last, producing consistent results time after time. Both DEC18E and DEC14E models offer almost 2000 watts of power for extremely fast, nonstop use over the course of a busy meal service. These units offer an impressive 60-minute cooking time.

When only the best will do, the Menumaster MXP5223 Accelerated Cooking Oven harnesses the combined power of microwave, infrared and convected air heating to cook food up to fifteen times faster than a traditional oven – enabling your staff to cook to order all from a microwave, reducing labour costs and increasing front of house productivity.

To find out more about buying a microwave for your business, get in touch with the Comcater team today. You can also request a quote for any of our commercial kitchen equipment brands via our website.


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