A Beginners Guide to Filtration Part 3

Feb 13, 2017

In part 2 of our filtration guide for beginners, we talked about how inbuilt fryer filtration can help improve workplace safety and make for healthier profits.

These sorts of elements are all very important, but there's one other factor that can really influence the success of any QSR. This is, of course, the quality of the food, and any pieces of equipment that can have a positive impact on this are absolutely invaluable when competing in the quick service landscape. Continuing our look at the Frymaster FilterQuick system, in this article we'll explore how the Integrated Oil Quality Sensor can have a huge impact on the quality of your fried delights and boost your business reputation.

The importance of fresh oil

As we all know, the best deep frying results are achieved when oil is at its peak freshness. When oil has just been added to the fryer, it will be as free of contamination as possible, which in turn means that any food fried in it will be of the very best quality. Even so, the same oil can be used for multiple batches of food preparation without a noticeable degradation in the finished product. The trick is knowing when to get rid of the oil and start again.

This is because eventually, the quality will decrease due to constant heating and exposure to different types of food. If you don't keep an eye on your oil and cook with a substance that is past its best, you'll find that your results don't taste as good, and just as importantly won't look as fresh or appealing to customers.

How the integrated oil sensor works

For many years, kitchen staff have had to gauge the quality of their oil based on subjective markers like appearance. In some cases, this can mean waiting too long (causing a reduction in quality), or swapping too early (which is uneconomical). Frymaster’s world first integrated oil sensor takes any guesswork out of the equation, precisely monitoring the quality of the oil and determining the best time to top up or replace. As a result, you can produce consistent, high quality food, time after time, across multiple locations.

Along with other innovations such as automatic filtration and automatic top offs, Frymaster users now get to make the very most of every batch of oil, ensuring maximum bang for their buck without compromising taste.

To find out more about the system, visit http://www.comcater.com.au/cook-it/commercial-deep-fryers/in-built-filter or contact the Comcater team today.


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