Introducing the new Trueheat RC Series, a range designed specifically for the Australian restaurant and cafe industry

Nov 19, 2018

For the past 40 years, Comcater has been dedicated to delivering quality and innovative commercial kitchen equipment to the Australian Foodservice industry.

Through foresight and experience, Comcater has earned the reputation as an industry leader. We understand the needs of Australian Restaurant and Café kitchens and have designed and engineered a new accessible Restaurant and Café (RC) cooking series of gas equipment that delivers performance at an affordable price.

To take you through this very exciting time for Comcater and for the Trueheat brand, we sat down with Project Leader Rob Wood to find out what was involved in bringing this new range to life. 


What was Comcater's project brief for the new Trueheat Series?

The project brief was to undertake a complete review of the existing Trueheat product range, with a view to refresh the product range, paying particular attention to design, aesthetics and the development of new products to compliment that of the existing products.


How did the Project team come up with the new RC Series design and name?

Part of the market research that was undertaken, included evaluating the ‘best’ features of competitive products. The new RC series design is a combination of those ‘best’ features as well as some re-engineering of our existing design. The ‘RC Series’ name came from a decision to associate the new product series with a market segment that would most likely demand all products available in the product range.


What new products were essential to the new series?

The obvious product omissions in the old Trueheat product range were a fryer and a pasta / noodle cooker. We also saw a need to offer 300 & 400mm wide countertop units, due to the growth in smaller cafes & coffee outlets.

View the new Trueheat RC Series Range Brochure here.


What do you see as the biggest improvement from the previous series?

The biggest improvements include but are not limited to, enhanced oven performance, new front rail profile that can be easily matched with stainless steel benching, a new open burner trivet design, new control knobs, greater robustness in assembly, improved internal component, and better overall finish / aesthetics.


What new products are you excited about most and what sets them apart?

The radiant BBQ has a completely new infra-red burner design, that produces a very even high heat over the entire cooking surface. The fryer performance is equal to that of the equivalent models within many of the world’s leading fryer brands. The griddle with its new thicker 15mm mild steel plate and improved burner is a vast improvement to that of the previous equivalent models.


Where do you see the key markets are for Trueheat?

I do not see there being any real limitations to which markets the new Trueheat RC series products could be used in, however the key focus markets for us will be restaurants, cafes, fast foods outlets, pubs, etc.


Any further comments?

I would like to personally thank all of the Comcater ‘Trueheat Refresh’ project team for all of their enthusiasm, passion and contribution to ensuring that the new ‘RC Series’ is a significant product range enhancement to that of the previous product range and is the launching pad for ongoing development and investment in delivering a market leading value for money product.

Click here to view the range now!


Comcater – behind every great menu

As one of the largest suppliers of the Australian Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food markets, Comcater is proud to present a portfolio of brands dedicated to high volume output, speedy service, consistency and space saving kitchen designs.

Perfect the art of a crisp chip with our huge range of Frymaster fryers, or grill the best burgers in town with thanks to the affordable Trueheat range. Plus with a staff filled with Chefs and industry experts, you’re guaranteed to find the right solution for any QSR need.

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