FOCUS PRODUCT: Lincoln Countertop Impinger Series

Oct 24, 2016

Can you tell us more about Lincoln Countertop Impinger Series?

The Lincoln Impinger Series is a self-contained conveyorised Impinger electric oven that is stackable up to two high and designed for medium to large cooking outputs. Its patented direct drive conveyor technology combines with a dual blast air system to cook 2-4 times faster than traditional methods. The Lincoln allows you to increase kitchen capacity, save energy, reduce staff costs and decrease bake times.

The unit has been designed for cooking pizza but is also great for proteins, can toast and can cook almost anything!

What features does it have?

  • Cook 2-4 times faster with superior air impingement technology
  • Increase production with automated conveyor cooking platform
  • Reduce labour costs with minimal staff supervision required
  • Patented Direct Drive means no conveyor belt or costly belt replacement
  • Designated cooking zones for rapid browning, cooking and crisping of foods
  • Single units do not require ventilation in most applications

What sets it apart from other conveyor ovens in the market?

Lincoln's exclusive FastBake™ features patented airflow technology to produce a higher heat transfer than any other impingement technology. FastBake™ can improve efficiency, recirculation and reduce
bake times without sacrificing quality.

How have your customers been reacting?

Customers love the simplicity of the unit and the fact it can remove additional pieces of equipment from a sometimes cluttered workspace. The CTI can do the job of multiple pieces of equipment, so can also assist to lower the cost of entry for franchisees.

How can the product improve kitchens in the fast casual and quick service restaurant scene?

Unit given specific cook times and automatic platform, so QSR head offices can ensure that their customers will get consistent food quality throughout their network. Easy for them to add new menu items into stores.

Any other comments?

Want to see it in action, come visit Comcater at any of our showrooms. For more information on the Lincoln Countertop Impinger Series click here:


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