Rapid cooking technology delivering consistency and quality at a touch of a finger

Mar 21, 2016

Combining microwave, infrared and convected air heating, the Menumaster MXP is the answer for when a microwave can’t produce the quality you need and a convection oven is simply too slow.

Three years ago Muzz Buzz rolled out the Menumaster MXP ovens across 50 stores Australia wide. Prior to installing the Menumaster MXP, Muzz Buzz was using microwaves to heat muffins, Buzz Balls and croissants. The versatility to fit a variety of applications with the ability to defrost, reheat, cook, bake and brown to culinary perfection has definitely assisted the drive through coffee chain to deliver meals deliciously fresh, crispy and piping hot in record times.

“Imagine the difference in product quality between a croissant prepared in a microwave and one toasted in a convection oven. Needless to say, today our ham and cheese croissants are by far our most popular food item," said Elliot Woods, National Marketing Manager, Muzz Buzz.

From heating up frozen pies and muffins to toasting panini, sandwiches or nachos this oven can expand menu offerings and speed up your service times.

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Cambro - Store your food without compromising taste or safety

Cambro is the storage company that takes HACCP compliance seriously. All products are food grade, which never rust, smell or stain, to make sure food is kept as fresh and safe as when it comes out of the oven or into the kitchen. Its quality and claims are audited by the National Sanitation Foundation and backed by OEM warranties and insurance.

With Cambro, purchase once, use for years.

Cambro - keeping your best at its best.

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