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Here's how mobile tech can help QSRs plan their expansion

It can measure pedestrian traffic, profile customer movement, and more. 

Here's how mobile tech can help QSRs plan their expansion

It can measure pedestrian traffic, profile customer movement, and more. 

Grill’d redefines the “new normal” for QSR payments with Adyen

Discover how Adyen provided Grill'd with a single view of their entire business.

A new way to grill to perfection

Find out how Garland XPress Grill gives you perfectly cooked food each time. 

How adding new payment methods helps QSRs retain and gain customers

With the increasing number of ways to pay for goods and services, it is also becoming more difficult for Australian QSRs to keep up with all of the emerging payment methods. Business owners must adapt quickly as today’s customers expect to be able to pay in any way they please.

A fresh approach to hot food holding

A new generation of food holding for QSRs has arrived in Australia with Merco Max holding cabinets, bringing with it a FRESH approach to hot food holding.

From humble beginnings to huge successes: Why Fingermark™ is the most innovative software firm in the QSR sector

Luke Irving first installed touchscreen POS in a bar he owned in Wellington, New Zealand to reduce the time people spent stuck in the queue and allow customers to breeze through the ordering process. This was in the early 2000s. Back then, self-service digital kiosks were at a nascent stage, and their specific applications in the QSR space were still largely unheard of.

Tag the order: Here’s how StickyPOS® reduces order error rate by over 50%

It is no secret that customers of quick service restaurants (QSRs) expect speed and accuracy regardless of how they place their orders — whether in-store, app pick-up, drive-thru and delivery. A delayed or incorrect order could mean nasty rants on social media and online review. In fact, research has highlighted that an unhappy customer may tell up to 16 people about their unsatisfactory experience, which does not bode well for any QSR brand.

Squizify founder and CEO Daniel McDouall talks about the importance of food safety compliance

Now more than ever, food safety is taking centre stage in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry as customers become increasingly hygiene-conscious. With all the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, QSRs need to pay extra attention to their business’ safety requirements in order to ensure compliance, improve profitability, and ensure customer satisfaction.

5 questions QSRs should be asking their payment provider

As the pandemic accelerated the QSR industry’s pivot to digital, brands’ ability to offer a seamless customer experience across online and offline touchpoints has proven to be a critical success factor.

Digitising QSRs: From one-off solutions to an integrated, whole-of-restaurant approach

What does the restaurant of the future look like? If trends emerging out of the pandemic are to be an indication, the restaurant of the future will rely heavily on digital solutions and traffic to drive sales. Whether in the form of a mobile app, drive-thru technology, or in-store kiosks, these digital solutions – which were a mere nice-to-have a few years ago – now spell the difference between success and failure for QSRs in a post-COVID world.

Fourth GM Paul Tregoning discusses how QSRs can better manage operational challenges

The quick service restaurant (QSR) industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic’s crippling challenges. The stay-at-home orders and social distancing restrictions have changed the industry as we know it. Technology has been a key enabler to keep the lights on for many businesses as brands pivot to digital in order to survive.

How different is humm®pro from traditional lending facilities?

Learn more about how hummpro changes the game in providing businesses with immediate access to finance. 

Are drive-thru-only locations a must-have? Here’s what we think

QSRs should offer a seamless customer experience, whether it’s in the dining area, at the drive-thru, or on the mobile app.

Big data in hospitality: The operational benefits

The exponential growth of so-called Big Data is unprecedented and is matched by its enormous potential to change the way we all live, work and think.

Redefining drive-thru customer experience with Eyecue™ 

The customer journey within drive-thrus may be short, but it spells success or failure for QSRs in the new normal. 

Drowning in data? Integrated analytics can be your lifeboat

Fourth Analytics provides not only data and insight from our MacromatiX inventory solution, but also brings in feeds from a whole raft of integrated systems.