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Casino goers most frequent QSR consumers

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Young and eager to eat. Ipsos’ Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) study shows that out of all the popular gambling channels available to consumers, the one with the highest correlation with QSR-consumers is the casino visitor, higher than placing a bet at the TAB, an online bet, a go on the pokies, playing lotto or buying a scratchie. Read ››

Why One Chip Isn’t Enough

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Grow sales by adding a second chip option to your menu. Read ››

Macca’s still Number 1 despite global sales fall

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Ahead of competitors despite decline in market share. Ipsos’ Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) study shows that despite globally suffering from a 2.5% reduction is sales for June-July, in Australia, Macca’s is still very much the leader of the pack, with over 40% of consumers having eaten a Macca’s in the past 4 weeks. Read ››

Why Quality, Length and Yield Matter with Chips

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Learn how to increase profits by focusing on chip quality. Read ››

Fresh Hot Chips—Delivered

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Take-away orders are on the rise; meet the chips that will stay crispy for the ride home. Read ››

Find out what makes young consumers tick

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Every marketer wants to know what makes the young consumers tick. Read ››