Peter J Caddick

Peter J Caddick is the Co-Founder of The Social Ammo. Peter and the Social Ammo team have been proud to provide pro-bono work and all the social media content for this years CEO Cook Off.

The Social Ammo believe in jointly helping businesses and NPO's tell their story through Social. In the process we hope our circular structure will become an example to others to follow.

Peter landed in Australia in 2008 with only some bright ideas and a passion for creating brands with inspiration. Jump forward to 2014, after a establishing a successful national cafe franchise brand Charlie Lovett, Peter now embarks on a new creative dream.

A social enterprise called The Social Ammo. Pioneering disruptive technologies, innovating social content and jointly delivering value to charities and companies in a circular structure. Social Ammo is changing the way social media is used and perceived in the business landscape.  

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