11 Dec 20
The chain looks to create ‘seamless’ experiences for customers.
11 Dec 20
Find out how Like Your Local helps enterprises thrive in a post-COVID world.
1 Dec 20
The chain says customers expects brands to provide digital channels which complement the physical retail experience.
18 Nov 20
All customers will get 50% off first orders on the app.
6 Nov 20
The sandwich chain looked to elevate its consumer experience through a digital platform.
29 Oct 20
There are years where it feels like only weeks of change takes place, and then there are weeks when it feels like years of change take place.
20 Oct 20
Chains are finding them an effective niche amidst a no-touch reality.
15 Sep 20
The service features an automated voice call that is triggered within 600 metres of a customer’s address.
15 Sep 20
The move also allows the fast casual chain access to insights to consumer preferences and behaviours.
14 Sep 20
Orders will be collected at the eatery's counter or designated pick-up bays.
8 Sep 20
The pizza chain teased more initiatives to “modernise the brand”.
31 Aug 20
During COVID-19, food delivery has boomed.
14 Aug 20
The bubble tea chain has 650,000 users registered in their Loyal-Tea app.
12 Aug 20
The platform will not get any commission from restaurants who use the ‘Table Service’ feature.
10 Aug 20
The Vietnamese chain will open 12 stores that are more geared towards delivery.
3 Aug 20
The dessert chain offered free delivery to celebrate the launch.
3 Aug 20
The chain recently opened its 81st store.
14 Jul 20
The move is said to be underpinned by a “continued commitment” to local communities.
6 Jul 20
Founder Giro Maurici sees menu engineering as part of their accelerated digital roadmap.
1 Jul 20
More employers are paying for employees’ meals to support them through the lockdown.
1 Jul 20
The bikes are connected to a cloud-based vehicle management system.
15 Jun 20
The chain also revealed an upcoming partnership with Google.
9 Jun 20
This is the platform's third metro city launch in the country.
3 Jun 20
The tech was designed in-house.
2 Jun 20
Restaurants with 5 or fewer locations will benefit from 0% commission until end-2020.
13 May 20
The chain is seeing rapid growth in online orders amidst the pandemic.
11 May 20
If someone had told me in February this year that in a month’s time I would be leading a department that supports technology in 2,500+...
11 May 20
The app’s new features enable food trucks to safely serve local communities during the lockdown.
11 May 20
Its ‘Deli’ service already has more than 22 restaurant and food businesses onboard.
8 May 20
The initiative allows businesses to secure cash flow amidst the lockdown.
3 May 20
The service utilises live navigation maps and traffic data.
20 Apr 20
The service was developed with Tipple.
20 Apr 20
The initiative now allows them to access 700 free online courses on OpenClassrooms.
9 Apr 20
McDelivery will remain contact-free.
3 Apr 20
The chain has 138 restaurants across the country.
24 Mar 20
The nation’s three largest delivery platforms detail strategies in supporting operators and riders.
23 Mar 20
The chain’s ‘Care Kits’ are now available to order via Uber Eats.
9 Mar 20
(Editor's Note: This contributed piece has been lightly edited for clarity.) Quick service restaurants (QSR) are in a tough...
2 Mar 20
The year also marks the chain’s 50th anniversary in Australia.
12 Feb 20
Customers will be able to order from the full menus, excluding specific limited time offers.