StickyPOS® is a patented, linerless direct thermal label specifically designed for the QSR industry to improve order accuracy and speed of service during the order fulfilment process. By tagging the wrapper, cup, box or bag with a StickyPOS® label each product and/or consolidated order can be tracked through the process from food preparation through to delivery. It has been proven to reduces order error rate by over 50+% and is used by major QSR’s globally. StickyPOS® is the only self-cleaning label solution ensuring maximum printer uptime and eliminating residue build up in printers. In addition, StickyPOS®, unlike traditional labels, produce zero waste and do not contain BPA, a chemical commonly used in thermal papers.

Why Tico’s never looked back after implementing the StickyPOS labelling solution

Tico’s processes have been streamlined after working with StickyPOS, allowing them to achieve speed and accuracy of orders.

People who are always on the go but can’t start their day without a cup of coffee are the primary clientele of a drive-thru coffee shop chain like Tico’s. Hence, there is no denying that speed and accuracy are the two most important aspects of their service to make sure that their customers drive away happy and satisfied.

However, Tico’s acknowledged the challenges of meeting those two vital aspects of their service. One of their pain points was a manual labelling system that affected the speed of order preparation and the accuracy of the orders served to their clients.

“Marking cups and the need for a staff member to match the coffee with the right vehicle based on what’s on the screen slowed down the speed of service. If staff made an order incorrectly, it would cause a bottleneck in the drive-thru as the order would have to be re-made,” shares Hugo Acosta, Owner of Tico’s. “We also had the issue of long queues, which meant cars would back up onto the road.”

These pain points pushed Tico’s to look for a solution that would eliminate the manual marking of cups, reduce order error rates, and improve their speed of service. “We tried StickyPOS, and within days, we were sold with the solution,” says Acosta.

It’s all about da label

If Tico’s is "all about da coffee," the solution they found is all about the label — one that can help them increase revenue and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

“StickyPOS dramatically decreases errors by ‘putting a tag on the cup, bag, box or wrapper’. There’s nothing faster, easier, and more accurate than filling an order from a tag,” says Michael Sfetkidis, Managing Director at StickyPOS.

StickyPOS labels stick and re-stick to the widest variety of surfaces during the preparation and order fulfilment process and on all types of packaging whether — hot or cold.

A StickyPOS label provides all the  relevant information, which may include customer’s name or car rego for the employees to prepare the order quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for kitchen staff to squint at monitors to get the correct order for each customer.

Directly addressing one of Tico’s pain points, StickyPOS eliminates the need for staples, sticky tape, or writing on cups and packages. After all, labels are quicker, cleaner, safer than staples, and more accurate than handwriting.

A game-changing solution

Before implementing StickyPOS into their system, the order-taking staff at Tico’s sends the order details to the kitchen display screen, then the barista uses a marker to record the order details. Once the coffee is ready, another staff member would have to look up the screen display to match the order with the vehicle to deliver the order.

With StickyPOS, Tico’s processes have been streamlined, allowing them to speed up the preparation of their well-loved coffee.

“Nothing gets lost during the process. It does not matter where the coffee goes; we know where to find it. Customers are happy because we can get a verification — from their order taker’s point right up to the customer confirming it is their order,” Acosta shares. “No need for a barista to handwrite the details, speeding up the coffee-making process. Staff delivering coffees only need to look at the cup label instead of matching the order with what’s on the display screen.”

Repeat customers, Increased revenue, and reduced costs

A more efficient ordering system is not just a satisfactory experience for both the employees and customers, but it also directly impacts the revenue. StickyPOS helps establishments reduce labour costs since there is no need to hire additional staff to ensure a smooth end-to-end ordering experience. Speed and accuracy of orders, which StickyPOS delivers, also dramatically reduces lost revenue from a potential 50% of customers not returning due to an unsatisfactory experience.

“One of the biggest things we have managed to do is to be the preferable stop for coffee-lovers. Our turnover has increased by more than 30%, especially during peak periods as we don’t have cars driving off when they see the queue out to the road. We get to serve our customers quickly and with virtually no errors, even during rush hour periods. StickyPOS has had a huge impact on our business in every aspect,” says Acosta.

With a labelling system that makes order preparation and service a breeze, Acosta shared that StickyPOS also made it easy to train staff, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and staff retention.

“StickyPOS has been a wonderful investment in our business as it has increased profit through increased speed of services along with eliminating order errors and improving customer satisfaction,” says Acosta.

Having StickyPOS as their reliable partner in the kitchen for almost four years now, Tico’s has no plans of letting go of this solution as it expands the business in more locations across the country.

“Tico’s started using StickyPOS back in 2018 and have never looked back. StickyPOS remains in their top of mind when setting up a new store. It has become part of their DNA,” shares Sfetkidis.

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