StickyPOS® is a patented, linerless direct thermal label specifically designed for the QSR industry to improve order accuracy and speed of service during the order fulfilment process. By tagging the wrapper, cup, box or bag with a StickyPOS® label each product and/or consolidated order can be tracked through the process from food preparation through to delivery. It has been proven to reduces order error rate by over 50+% and is used by major QSR’s globally. StickyPOS® is the only self-cleaning label solution ensuring maximum printer uptime and eliminating residue build up in printers. In addition, StickyPOS®, unlike traditional labels, produce zero waste and do not contain BPA, a chemical commonly used in thermal papers.

El Jannah achieves speed, accuracy of order fulfillment with StickyPOS

El Jannah cut order fulfillment errors by 50% in its first drive-thru store.

Known for their legendary charcoal chicken and signature garlic sauce, El Jannah has gained popularity as an Australian QSR brand offering a unique dining experience as every dish they serve is cooked over an open wood fire.

In its 23 years in the industry, El Jannah has expanded from one store in Granville to now a total of nine stores located in different parts of Australia, serving its original Lebanese - Australian charcoal chicken, well-loved by its customers.

However, no matter how unique their menu is, El Jannah still shares the same back-of-house pain points that other QSRs have: accuracy in order preparation.

“At the very beginning, El Jannah used to fulfil orders relying purely on the receipt from the registers. The key issues included keeping track of the receipt and knowing which customers had ordered what items since the kitchen is set in different areas and orders need to come together,” shares Charles Estephan, General Manager of El Jannah.

El Jannah then looked for solutions to address the  fulfilment challenges in the back-of-house operations.

“The major complaint from customers is missing items so whenever something new comes out in the market that promises to help eliminate or reduce this, all QSRs should get on board,” says Brett Houldin, CEO of El Jannah.

El Jannah were introduced to StickyPOS by their POS system supplier, Redcat, and were immediately excited as they could see how StickyPOS could improve two of its biggest challenges - speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

With its features that address their pain points in the kitchen, choosing StickyPOS to handle their labelling concerns was an easy decision for El Jannah. They first tried these game-changing labels in their first drive-thru store in Smithfield in August 2020 and immediately saw the benefits of using StickyPOS. The benefits included a reduction in order fulfillment errors, by over 50%, and significantly improved customer and employee satisfaction. El Jannah have never looked back since. “Since it was our first drive-thru store for our brand, we wanted to get everything right,” shares Estephan.

They have now implemented this across all stores and ordering channels which include in-store, drive thru and home delivery,

“No more guessing, no more mistakes, and no more blaming co-workers for inaccuracies in orders. There’s nothing faster, easier, and more accurate than filling an order from a tag and we have seen an increase in turn over and profitability” says Estephan.

Since customers can also order from El Jannah directly online, via UberEats and Google ordering (powered by Uber direct), their delivery platform is surely busy, especially on peak days. More orders meant more chances of getting an order wrong but having a proper and efficient StickyPOS label on the bag or box makes it easier to meet the high-volume demand while ensuring that the right food gets to the customers.

StickyPOS is a patented, liner less direct thermal label that can stick on various surfaces during the preparation and order fulfilment process. A StickyPOS label provides all pertinent information that helps the staff quickly and accurately fulfil and double-check the orders. They no longer need to rely on the monitors — or squint at the screen — to get the food to the right bag or box.

StickyPOS is used by both small and large QSRs globally. In the USA, three of the worlds most recognised brands use StickyPOS, says CP Label Solutions Managing Director Michael Sfetkidis.

Aside from the satisfied customers, StickyPOS labels produce zero waste, as there is no liner to dispose of and all StickyPOS tags are free of BPA and silicone. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, StickyPOS also makes it a lot easier for employees to assemble and double-check orders before handing them out to the customers.

With StickyPOS, El Jannah ticked off one major challenge in operational efficiency through a reliable tag on the bag that ties all their processes together — from order-taking, order assembly, to serving. With less time to worry about accuracy, El Jannah managers and staff can focus more on ensuring consistency and quality of their signature charcoal chicken and other offerings that promise 'a taste of paradise.'

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