Redcat’s hospitality IT platform supports multi-site restaurants and franchises to manage their point of sale, online ordering, loyalty program, kitchen management, delivery partners, QR code ordering and virtual brands within a single system.

Redcat’s core value stems from the end-to-end digital ecosystem. The technology gives QSRs a suite of services to run operations effectively. Redcat’s enterprise-level services include:

  • Loyalty - Loyalty apps and cards, gift cards and in-store messaging
  • Self-service Kiosks – Help bust those queues and improve operational efficiency
  • iOS & Android Apps - Drive loyalty, delivery, and online orders
  • Paperless Kitchen – Speed up multi-stage production, passing orders from one station to the next
  • Delivery - Fixed-cost 3rd party delivery and integration with Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, Google & DoorDash
  • Online Ordering - Web ordering and Mobile App ordering
  • Drive Thru – Integrated to POS and kitchen
  • Virtual Brands Management - Manage both your Virtual & Physical Brands from a central portal, giving you control over delivery partners, kitchen management, menus and reporting
  • Delivery Driver Manager - Display the status of delivery orders on a screen and the drivers mobile via QR code, showing when the order is ready.
  • QR Code Table Ordering - Give your customers the convenience of QR code ordering and paying from their table.

Redcat works with multi-site hospitality businesses - Nando’s, Grill’d, Boost Juice, Noodle Box, San Churro and other global brands – supplying their technology needs.

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Managing order pick-ups for streamlined QSR deliveries

Reduce delivery errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Deliveries are the lifeblood of a business, especially in QSRs. Delivery is a huge factor in how the company is perceived by customers and has major implications when it comes to reviews.

In a common delivery scenario, drivers are waiting outside to enter the restaurant or store and pick up the orders. The main reason is they do not want to interrupt the kitchen staff who are attending to the customers. While they could wait in their vehicle, that will eat into their fuel costs. In the end, delivery drivers often wait while standing outside the restaurants or stores, coming inside from time to time to check on the orders.

With Redcat Delivery Driver Manager, QSRs can reduce disruptions from delivery drivers, effortlessly sending delivery order updates to them, making order status and inventory tracking easier than ever. The status of delivery orders is displayed on a screen and on the driver's mobile via QR code, showing when the order is ready.

Hence, drivers can wait outside until their order is ready without going inside back and forth to ask. With real-time tracking capability and order status, Redcat Delivery Driver Manager is easy to use and simple, yet powerful.

Whether QSRs want to track drivers and their deliveries or update customers on when their orders will be delivered - Redcat does it all in a reliable way.

How Redcat Delivery Driver Manager Streamline Order Pick-ups

To help QSR businesses manage their delivery operations, Redcat Delivery Driver Manager displays the status of delivery orders on a screen and on the driver's mobile via QR code, showing when the order is ready.

The software provides a central platform for managing delivery drivers waiting for the customer's order.

  • Each delivery or pick-up order that is made via all touchpoints of Point of Sale (POS), Delivery partners, Online, Kiosk, and Mobile App, goes into the kitchen management system (KMS) for production.
  • As the KMS tracks the order through the production process, it estimates the time remaining based on order volume and processing time for each stage.
  • This estimated production time is automatically sent to the customer/driver facing display screens, giving them the estimated wait time.

Key Features of Redcat Delivery Driver Manager

For drivers, Redcat Delivery Driver Manager provides a way to wait outside the location until orders are ready. For businesses, it helps to deliver orders quickly without having to disrupt operations. It also ensures that the right drivers get assigned the right orders.

Here are the key features:

  • Displays wait times for delivery drivers 
  • Driver self-check on mobile via QR code - display the QR code on your window or door 
  • Automated with Kitchen Management 
  • Configurable display 
  • Displays orders from POS, Delivery partners, Online, Kiosk and Mobile App 
  • Customer-facing screen 
  • Display Advertisements and Offers 

The Core of Redcat Delivery Driver Manager

At its heart, the Redcat Delivery Manager was inspired by a desire to improve the efficiency of pick-up operations and the dining experience of customers. Redcat realized that delivery pick-ups were impacting both of these things, so they set out to find a solution.

Delivery drivers would often come in during busy times, disrupting the flow of service and causing delays. This would inevitably lead to a poor dining experience for customers, who were left feeling frustrated and disappointed.

The Delivery Driver Manager was designed to solve this problem by organizing pick-ups and drop-offs so that they could be conducted seamlessly and without disrupting the restaurant's operations. In doing so, Redcat hoped to create a better experience for both restaurant staff and diners alike.


Redcat Delivery Manager is a user-friendly, straightforward application for QSR businesses that want to encourage good customer relations. It can make ordering faster and more efficient without being intrusive so as to be inconvenient for the driver. Overall, the Delivery Driver Manager is a must-have tool for any QSR business that routinely deals with delivery drivers. 

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