Redcat’s hospitality IT platform supports multi-site restaurants and franchises to manage their point of sale, online ordering, loyalty program, kitchen management, delivery partners, QR code ordering and virtual brands within a single system.

Redcat’s core value stems from the end-to-end digital ecosystem. The technology gives QSRs a suite of services to run operations effectively. Redcat’s enterprise-level services include:

  • Loyalty - Loyalty apps and cards, gift cards and in-store messaging
  • Self-service Kiosks – Help bust those queues and improve operational efficiency
  • iOS & Android Apps - Drive loyalty, delivery, and online orders
  • Paperless Kitchen – Speed up multi-stage production, passing orders from one station to the next
  • Delivery - Fixed-cost 3rd party delivery and integration with Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, Google & DoorDash
  • Online Ordering - Web ordering and Mobile App ordering
  • Drive Thru – Integrated to POS and kitchen
  • Virtual Brands Management - Manage both your Virtual & Physical Brands from a central portal, giving you control over delivery partners, kitchen management, menus and reporting
  • Delivery Driver Manager - Display the status of delivery orders on a screen and the drivers mobile via QR code, showing when the order is ready.
  • QR Code Table Ordering - Give your customers the convenience of QR code ordering and paying from their table.

Redcat works with multi-site hospitality businesses - Nando’s, Grill’d, Boost Juice, Noodle Box, San Churro and other global brands – supplying their technology needs.

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Concept Eight partners with Redcat to deliver convenience and customer-centricity for QSRs

Concept Eight's new POS system designed by Redcat allowed them to be provide better customer service.

At the height of the pandemic, Concept Eight was running its POS systems on a disparate array of servers and software, without the ability to provide customers with complete omnichannel solutions.

Concept Eight needed an agile, nimble, and client-centric POS platform that could adapt quickly to the fast-food industry's dynamic demands whilst delivering on profitability.

The franchisor behind famous brands Noodle box, Wokinabox, Pattysmiths, and Alabama Chicken and Wings, to name a few, took a long, hard look at the solutions available in the local QSR software and digital ecosystem.

Concept Eight's CEO, Grant Lee, said that they needed a platform that should drive revenue and profit, as well as not be too costly. Redcat was able to meet these needs by providing a single source for Concept Eight's omnichannel requirements, fully customised to their brands’ needs.

Lee believed that Redcat would be a business partner of the "highest order" and praised the platform as one of the best in the market.

Taking key profit drivers to the next level

The QSR industry is changing, and Redcat is aware of it. Hence, it provided Concept Eight with a cross-platform solution that would improve customer loyalty whilst also providing the company with meaningful insights about their business and brands.

With the rise of home delivery over the last two years, Redcat designed a new POS system for Concept Eight that allowed them to remain competitive with larger businesses and be more focused on providing high-caliber customer service.

Redcat's POS integrates with all delivery partners, so Concept Eight no longer has to use tablets in their restaurants. It's a single source for all of their omnichannel needs.

It also provides real-time sales data from all customer ordering channels, allowing them to generate a single report for all of its restaurants, which increases profitability whilst improving the customer experience.

Redcat's white label delivery has also saved Concept Eight's franchisees 15% of the aggregator's fee, according to Lee. Furthermore, it has increased the average profit for each franchise partner by orders of magnitude.

Unmatched convenience and flexibility

Lee said an integrated POS must connect to Concept Eight's home delivery partners, as well as its loyalty program and the ordering app, website, kiosk, and drive-thru.

"Redcat is really giving us a unique combination of data, technology, and the ability to connect the dots in a way that's never been done before," Lee said. "With Redcat being so adaptable, we have no doubt they will continue to deliver on their promise of developing brands into household names for years to come," he added.

After implementing Redcat’s POS platform, Concept Eight is able to provide its customers with an extremely convenient way to order from any Concept Eight brand through their delivery service of choice, allowing for an omnichannel sales strategy that has driven revenue and increased profitability.

Redcat's loyalty program is of particular interest to Lee. He said that, whilst some leading franchise brands have stand-alone loyalty programs in place, the Redcat platform allows them to communicate with customers and reward them from a single touchpoint.

Lee said that the magic of the Redcat software is that it allows Concept Eight to reward customers who order via take-away, home delivery, drive-thru, or kiosk for all 7 of their brands. He stated that he does not believe any other POS in the world can do that today.

Lee was very impressed by the loyalty program, as well as with Redcat's highly skilled and knowledgeable account managers, who he said were always "a few steps ahead" of him.

Happy customers are paying customers

Lee is particularly excited about the loyalty program and Redcat's ability to provide a single source for all of Concept Eight's omnichannel needs. He said he looks forward to an even closer partnership as Redcat continues to expand its artificial intelligence capabilities, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

"When it comes down to it, we knew that Redcat is a name that we can trust to help us be the best brand in the world," Lee said. "We knew that Redcat would make it easy for our customers to order from any device or platform, anywhere they are, at any time."

Since partnering with Redcat, Concept Eight has seen its average transaction value (ATV) increase by about $15 per order, with some orders totaling in excess of $300.

Lee believes Concept Eight's partnership with Redcat has been successful because he believes both companies have a shared mission, and that is to make their customers happy.

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