Moffat Group is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial cooking equipment tailored for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) worldwide. With our manufacturing facility based in New Zealand and over 90 years of expertise in commercial cooking and baking, we specialise in delivering highly efficient production solutions to our fast-food chain partners.

From collaborating closely with food manufacturers, culinary development experts, and QSR operators, we have gained profound insight into the challenges prevailing the landscape of QSRs today. Leveraging this knowledge, we have developed premium and reliable commercial cooking equipment streamlined for easy workflow in QSR kitchens.

Our wide range of products offer integrated functions and versatile features suitable for multi-functional purposes to deliver fast food production in compact kitchen environments. We have carefully designed our catering equipment with a focus on maximising kitchen efficiency to ensure that all fast-food operators and chefs can deliver consistent quality menu items without the exceeding high cost of expenditure due to kitchen space constraints.

Moffat has gained trust with many reputable QSR brands around the world where our solutions not only deliver the level of food quality required but also improves overall process in the kitchen - fostering staff retention, reducing operational costs, and overall ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Maximising Kitchen Efficiency in QSRs: Moffat's Innovative Solutions for Small Spaces

Every QSR business knows that speed, quality, and efficiency are the trifecta for success in this industry. However, the challenge of operating within a cramped kitchen space often puts these goals to the test. This is where Moffat’s commercial kitchen solution comes in to help to transform small kitchens into powerhouses of productivity and quality.

Read more to know how Moffat is making big waves in small kitchen spaces, a must for every QSR owner aiming to maximise kitchen efficiency through innovative solutions.

Tailored for the Smallest Kitchens

The remodeling of quick service restaurants to invest in smaller establishments are the result of key decision factors in adapting to market trends—establishing a prominent presence in desirable locations, accommodating to delivery-oriented business models, decreasing operational expenses, and more.

The innovative development of the Turbofan cook ‘n’ hold solution over the years have gained widespread acclaim as innovative game changer within the food service industry. Design and manufactured by Moffat, this cook ‘n’ hold pod introduces an alternative method of cooking in the common QSR kitchen with the ability to not requiring a full kitchen set up, highly suitable for small kitchens areas and can assist to reducing capital expenditure.

The revolutionary cook ‘n’ hold solution comprises of the Turbofan E33T5 convection oven paired with the EHT10 humidified hot holding cabinet, allowing you to cook, roast and bake, and then have the ability to extend the shelf life of hot food ready for service–all within a compact 610mm-wide footprint and a cooking and holding capacity of 15 trays. Its single-phase power requirement simplifies installation and operation. Add on its companion ventless hood—it can be placed anywhere, eliminating the need for extensive drainage and extraction setups.

Catered to handle peak service periods

But Moffat doesn't stop at just cooking. They've redefined the game with their cook ‘n’ hold solution. Remember—90% of service in a mise en plus setting is preparation. Unlike normal trained a-la-carte chefs, staff in QSRs might not necessarily have the level of training to handle multiple steps to deliver the level of consistency required during busy service times–also taking into consideration the customer volume could easily surpass a typical food service operation.

This is where Moffat steps in with their cook ‘n’ hold solution—a focus on preparation: cooking food before service, holding in a food-safe temperature environment and finishing the food to serve during service period. It can effectively develop a less stressful operational process in the kitchen, allowing kitchen staff to serve faster especially when you have multiple service arms, predict, and prepare for batch cooking means less stress and smoother service, a win-win for staff and customers alike.

The concept of cooking and holding might be met with skepticism as held food is often perceived to be of lower quality. However, Moffat’s cook ‘n’ hold technology challenges this notation. Turbofan ovens are renowned for its powerful, consistent, and quality cooking beyond traditional convection ovens with the capability to cook, bake, and roast. Its optional moisture allows proteins to be succulent or baked goods to be crispy, even, and fluffy, and it’s humidified hot holding cabinet under creates a controlled environment to extend the life of the food quality to be held constant over a period of time. This clever combination allows you to cook food to perfection and keep it warm and fast-service ready without losing any of its food quality degradation, unlike a typical hot holding in a food warmer.

Staying Ahead of Tomorrow Through Saving Energy, Reducing Food Waste, and Addressing Staff Shortages

Today, running a sustainable and cost-efficient kitchen is not just good practice; it's essential. Moffat’s equipment is designed to sip rather than gulp power. Traditional combi ovens, for example, consume between 18 to 20 kW of power, while Moffat's Turbofan cook and hold ovens significantly reduce energy usage with just 6 kW for cooking and 2.3 kW for hot holding, totaling a mere 8.3 kW.  This focus on energy efficiency means lower utility bills for the business and a smaller carbon footprint for the planet.

Beyond energy savings, Moffat's cooking and holding solutions contribute to waste reduction through efficient management of food stocks. Staff involved in the cooking and holding processes are more satisfied with a simple and trained planned process— a critical factor to consistent, high-quality output but also significantly reduces food waste.

Moreover, Moffat's approach to sustainability extends beyond product design to encompass support and service—from culinary advice, workflow planning, staff training to ongoing service, ensures that the relationship with their clients extends far beyond the initial purchase. As Moffat aptly puts it, "The service doesn't stop at the sell. It’s about making sure that our customer's customers are happy."

The Final Word

For QSR owners, maximising kitchen efficiency in small spaces is not just a goal; it's a necessity. Moffat's innovative solutions are changing the game, proving that size doesn't limit quality or capability. With their smart designs, user-friendly features, and steadfast support, Moffat is the partner every QSR needs to thrive in the competitive fast-food premise.

So, if you’re looking to supercharge your kitchen's efficiency, quality, and sustainability, connect with Moffat and learn more about how their offerings may be the next best step for your business.

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