Moffat Group is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial cooking equipment tailored for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) worldwide. With our manufacturing facility based in New Zealand and over 90 years of expertise in commercial cooking and baking, we specialise in delivering highly efficient production solutions to our fast-food chain partners.

From collaborating closely with food manufacturers, culinary development experts, and QSR operators, we have gained profound insight into the challenges prevailing the landscape of QSRs today. Leveraging this knowledge, we have developed premium and reliable commercial cooking equipment streamlined for easy workflow in QSR kitchens.

Our wide range of products offer integrated functions and versatile features suitable for multi-functional purposes to deliver fast food production in compact kitchen environments. We have carefully designed our catering equipment with a focus on maximising kitchen efficiency to ensure that all fast-food operators and chefs can deliver consistent quality menu items without the exceeding high cost of expenditure due to kitchen space constraints.

Moffat has gained trust with many reputable QSR brands around the world where our solutions not only deliver the level of food quality required but also improves overall process in the kitchen - fostering staff retention, reducing operational costs, and overall ensuring customer satisfaction.

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4 Ways Moffat's Culinary Experts Help with Your Menu Innovation

QSRs thrive in a competitive industry where menu introductions attract customers. It's not all just about the food—our industry can also improve its cooking process with the right tools to improve quality, production, and speed. It is common for QSR operators to have a goal to develop a standard food quality outcome or scaling operations to ensure all outlets meet standards. This is where many food operators quickly recognise Moffat's versatility beyond selling commercial cooking equipment—that they actually listen to their customers’ needs with obtaining the right menu item outcomes.

Here are the 4 innovative ways on how Moffat can help with QSRs with menu development and variation:

1. Preparation: Test Kitchen

Strategically placed, Moffat's test kitchen is pivotal in the menu development process, supporting their customers when it comes to new menu product introductions through to the delivery of food to the consumer.

This trial environment allows for detailed testing and calibration of recipes, giving chefs the chance to adjust ingredients, cooking times, and temperatures in a controlled setting away from the hustle of an active QSR kitchen. Working alongside with the knowledge from Moffat’s culinary team can gain value to ensure that the final product not only tastes great but also after it has sat for a period by testing and trialing the food during the session to mimic a real-world scenario where food might not be consumed immediately after preparation.

More to just assisting in menu development, Moffat offers assistance in conducting SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) which includes food safety measures such as monitoring oven temperature, fridge humidity and conducting other standardised assessment to ensures that optimal health and safety practices are in place.

This hands-on experience is definitely worthwhile trialing to help understand the nuances of their tools, leading to better execution and more consistent quality across all outlets.


2. Our Process: We Are Here to Find Your Solution

Many new menu innovations don't just quite fit into existing operations in the kitchen. QSR operators need to consider several aspects such as product outcome consistency across all stores, how the additional product affects current operations, and effect on speed to service.

Moffat has worked with many QSR operators to improve food quality and efficiency to future-proof their investment for versatile menu growth with its broad equipment range.

As a case study, Moffat has been involved in assisting a local QSR business to achieve desired food outcomes in a shorter amount of time. Initially, this QSR was using a separate salamander grill and an oven to create their nachos. Moffat knew immediately that it was appropriate to recommend a Merrychef oven as an all-in-one high speed cook oven with an integrated salamander — simultaneously cooking corn chips and the beef, whilst allowing the cheese to melt in one singular component that cooks 4x time faster than the average cooking oven. However, they don’t stop at this–the additional insight that Moffat offered in suggesting alternative usage of their existing appliances was valuable to the business.


3. Customisation to Tailor Your Business

Technology to automate cooking or baking

Particularly beneficial for QSR operators managing peak hours and varying staff skillset, many of Moffat’s range of products are highly customisable to set programs and processes tailored to not just to cooking but other operational aspects such as preparation to cleaning at the end of the day.

As an example, the Convotherm Maxx Pro combi oven exemplifies this versatility, offering various cooking programs designed for diverse menu items. Its user-friendly interface simplifies tasks where automation procedures enhance speed and productivity. With the ability of pre-programming multiple cooking stages and utilising special cooking functions such as BakePro and Crisp&Tasty, these customised programs streamline kitchen operation without constant need to interact with the oven for the next stage of any cooking or baking.

With many other product offerings that allows operators to customise and streamline the cooking process in kitchens, Moffat continuously assists its customers along the partnership to develop new menu settings for their ever-growing menu items, making deployment and training as efficient as possible.

Aesthetics to Match the Store Décor

Interior design is becoming more important in QSRs as store layouts change with growing trend in adopting front-of-house cooking due to factors like enhancing customer appeal and smaller premise spaces.

A nicely designed space helps shape a potential customer’s experience–it can evoke positive emotions, attracts more customers, and enhance overall dining experience or the latter, and ultimately, may determine whether a person is interested in your QSR services or will run to the next competitor.

The level of configurability on the Moffat range of cooking equipment is second to none, being able to give a level of aesthetical bespoke options across a range of their products. As such, a full cooking line from Waldorf Bold can be created with front-colour enamelled panels of your choice to match any decor. As they are made locally in New Zealand, customised equipment solutions can be so much more accessible to invest and implement.


4. Menu change and adaptation

When QSRs approach Moffat with a desire for menu innovation or problem-solving to maximise quality across all stores, Moffat partners with them to identify their specific needs and recommends cooking equipment aligned with their objective.

Thru a collaborative approach, Moffat's broad food industry knowledge, spanning from QSRs to a la carte restaurants and hotels, allows for an exchange of ideas and techniques that can significantly enhance a restaurant's culinary perspective and operational approach. Moffat dials in this information into a QSR setting and adjust it according to their needs.

During the test phase, Moffat can demonstrate how different equipment can be integrated throughout the cooking process. The outcome allows easier introduction of new menu items, experiment with different cooking techniques, and ensure high-quality results. Moffat empowers QSRs to explore diverse cooking methods through comprehending the breadth and quality of our diverse product offerings to suit individual QSRs service style and customer base.


Diversify Your Menu Today with Moffat

For QSRs, staying ahead of culinary trends and consumer expectations is not just a goal—it's a necessity. Moffat stands ready to be your partner in this dynamic journey, offering innovative solutions that transform your menu innovation. From kitchen equipment setups that breathe new life into your offerings to customising equipment that is innovative and on-trend, Moffat is your ally in crafting a dining experience that's as efficient as it is eccentric.

Discover how Moffat can revolutionise your QSR establishment by exploring how Moffat maximises kitchen efficiency and connect with Moffat today.

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