Squizify is the leading food safety system for QSR brands big and small. Our digital solution gives brands the ability to better manage and control key food safety tasks to ensure brands are not just compliant but are achieving best in class standards. Enabling brands to better track what matters most in their business, more often means stores and brand risk is dramatically reduced with small issues addressed quickly before they become big problems. Squizify provides key data and insights into how locations are performing, giving key decision makers more relevant information to make better informed decisions at the touch of a button. Squizifys Konnected kitchen solution enables brands can automate important food safety tasks through our IoT LoRaWAN temperature sensors, bluetooth probes and label making functionality.   Staff is the biggest asset brands have and using our customised training features enables staff to all be aligned onto the correct food safety processes while ensuring tasks are completed on time, every time and in line with how your brand wants them to be done. Removing falsification and human error while giving key decision makers real time visibility into their networks is critical for any brand as we move forward into the post covid world, so go on have a squiz, protect your biz with Squizify. 

What a food safety platform like Squizify can do for QSRs

Squizify helps QSRs streamline processes and manage food safety compliance at the same time.

Business owners emerging out of the pandemic understand that their customers are now more concerned about health and safety than ever before. As a result, many quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are looking for ways to improve their food safety standards.

Many know kitchens as high-pressure environments, and with the added stress the new normal, it's more important than ever for QSRs to have a robust food safety solution in place. Whether that means implementing new technology or simply streamlining current processes, an effective food safety solution can help QSRs protect their customers and their business.

As a result, QSRs are turning to providers of digital food safety solutions that can help them manage and automate food safety compliance. Business owners know that this is not an easy task, but with the right solution in place, they can be sure that their customers are safe and that their business is protected.

A reliable partner in Squizify

Australia's most successful QSRs trust Squizify to automate and manage their food safety compliance. Squizify founder and CEO Daniel McDouall, a former QSR franchisee, started the business when he saw how difficult it was for QSRs to manage food safety compliance manually.

"The restaurant industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world," McDouall says. "There are so many moving parts and so many things that can go wrong, so it's essential that businesses have a reliable solution in place to manage all of their food safety compliance."

Squizify's solution features five key elements that are essential for any QSR looking to improve their food safety standards:

1. Digital Food Safety. QSRs must keep track of mandatory food safety compliance records, as well as alerts and notifications for when results fall outside of set parameters. Squizify's solution helps businesses automate this process, so they can be sure that all records are up-to-date and compliant. Going digital also makes it easier to share records with relevant stakeholders, such as health inspectors, so everyone is on the same page.

2. Automation of Temperature Monitoring. Temperatures need to be monitored throughout the food preparation process, from receiving and storing raw ingredients to cooking and serving finished meals. This is a critical step in preventing foodborne illness, and it's one that can be easily automated with the right solution in place.

With Squizify, businesses can remotely monitor their units 24/7, so they can be alerted if something goes wrong and take action to fix the problem before any stock is lost.

3. Automation of Label Printing. Labels may be an overlooked part of food safety, but they play a critical role in ensuring that meals are correctly prepared and served.

QSRs using Squizify can say goodbye to hand-written day dot stickers and instead take advantage of quick and affordable label printing. This not only saves time and money, but also helps to ensure that all food labels are accurate and up-to-date.

4. Auditing & Inspections. QSRs must undergo regular audits and inspections to ensure that they are meeting all food safety standards. Self-audits, in particular, are an important part of any food safety solution, as they help businesses identify potential problems before they cause any harm.

Whether businesses are conducting a safety audit, reproducing their local council audit, or just having a regular cleanliness inspection completed, Squizify's auditing and inspection solution is rich with functionality and is very easy to use.

5. Maintenance Register. QSRs need to keep track of when certain pieces of equipment are due for service or when previous services were completed. This helps to ensure that all key assets are maintained correctly, which can save businesses time and money in the long run.

A tried and tested platform

Squizify's digital food safety solution has helped countless QSRs improve their food safety standards and protect their customers. Many business owners have testified to the fact that Squizify has helped them to save time and money, while also reducing their stress levels.

"Our clients tell us all the time that they sleep better at night knowing that Squizify is looking after their food safety compliance," McDouall says. "We've heard from franchisees who say they've saved thousands of dollars in potential fines, and from business owners who say they're now spending less time on paperwork and more time on running their business."

For QSRs looking to improve their food safety compliance, Squizify is a clear choice. With its tried and tested platform and five key features, Squizify is the simplest and most effective way to manage all aspects of food safety compliance.

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