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This platform is helping QSRs manage a collaborative workforce

In a fast-paced industry, managers need to keep everyone on the same page and work together.

Teams in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry are notoriously fast-paced. Employees are caught up in a constant whirlwind of activity, from preparing and serving food to clearing and resetting tables. In such a high-pressure environment, it can be difficult for managers to keep everyone on the same page and work together collaboratively.

More significantly, employees need to have a sense of belongingness. They need to feel included, supported and connected. Encouraging communication, being open to their feedback and ideas and recognising their efforts help boost their motivation.

Common solutions to this problem, like in-person team meetings and printed memos, are often ineffective. Managers can struggle to get everyone in the same place at the same time, and important information can get lost in the shuffle.

Fourth Engage, a communications app designed specifically for QSRs, is helping managers overcome these challenges by making it easier to engage with employees, and employees with each other. As we know, engaged staff are happier and more productive. They build better work relationships, create loyal customers and drive better business results.

Engage and Logbook: Two platforms, one vision

Notifications on the Engage app

QSRs are all about speed and efficiency, so it makes sense that Fourth Engage is built on the same principle. The app consolidates all of a QSR’s communications into one platform, making it easy for managers to connect with employees and vice versa.

Fourth Logbook, on the other hand, is a digital logbook that gives managers visibility into their operations. With Logbook, managers know exactly what needs to be managed at any given time throughout the day and action or assign tasks to ensure compliance and OH&S is handled and documented.

The two platforms work together to create a collaborative workplace culture in QSRs. Fully customisable, Fourth Engage allows managers to set up groups for their teams and share information quickly and easily; it handles single sign-on to all Fourth & external apps used within the restaurant and provides easy access to document/ file/ media storage like training videos or updated recipes. And with Fourth Logbook, they can track progress and identify areas where employees may need more support.

Taking notes from social media platforms, Fourth Engage and Logbook include a set of features that make it easy for users to stay up-to-date, connected and compliant.

Engage groups

Whether that’s a new menu, a new procedure, or just a friendly reminder, Fourth Engage allows managers to quickly and easily share information with the whole team with just a few taps. Employees can also use the Groups function to communicate with each other on non-work-related subjects, like organising team socials.

Restaurants with multiple locations can also use Logbook to monitor performance across all their stores. With real-time data on task completion and log entries, managers can identify issues early and nip them in the bud before they become bigger problems.

Maximising the Tools of the Trade

Managers' Logbook

Fourth Engage and Logbook help QSRs build a more collaborative and productive workplace culture in several ways. However, business owners and managers have to remember that Engage and Logbook are tools, and tools need a strategy to be effective.

In order for these to help QSRs build more collaborative workplace culture, businesses need to outline a clear strategy for how they want to use the platforms. They need to ask the right questions, like who needs to be involved and what kind of information needs to be shared.

By taking the time to develop a clear strategy, QSRs can set themselves up for success and ensure that Fourth Engage and Logbook become integral parts of their business.

However, businesses need not start from scratch. Fourth has already taken several steps to support QSRs in this endeavour.

To make sure employees use Fourth Engage, the app is fully integrated with Fourth’s Inventory and labour solutions. This means that employees regularly log in to complete vendor orders, count stock, manage banking, schedule the weekly roster, swap shifts, track oil temperature, and more. And if an employee leaves the business, their access is revoked so business owners can be confident that only current employees are using the app.

Fourth has also developed a series of best practice guides and training modules that outline how Engage and Logbook can be used to improve collaboration in QSRs.

For example, Fourth recommends identifying internal champions who will be responsible for sharing content and promoting usage of the platforms. They also suggest that businesses hold training sessions to ensure that key stakeholders understand how to use the platforms to communicate effectively.

Fourth also recommends that in a diverse workplace, like a QSR, businesses need to consider how they can use Fourth Engage and Logbook to overcome language barriers. This can be done by using images and videos in Engage, as well as creating a glossary of terms that can be accessed within the app.

Final Thoughts

Fourth Engage and Logbook are powerful tools to help QSRs build a more collaborative workplace culture. However, they need to be used strategically for businesses to see the maximum benefit.

By taking the time to develop a clear strategy and involving key stakeholders from the outset, QSRs can ensure that Fourth Engage and Logbook become integral parts of their business.

QSRs that partner with Fourth also have access to 24/7 support and a range of best practice resources to support them and get the most out of these platforms. To schedule a demo and see how Fourth can help your business, get in touch today. Visit http://www.fourth.com/en-au for more information.

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