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How Leading QSR Franchises Upsell, Engage Their Customers, and Speed Up Their Sales Process

The keys to a competitive edge in digital signage are two-fold: right placement and strategy.

From attracting customers to speeding up orders to improving the overall customer experience, digital signage helps QSRs make the best out of their resources with numerous benefits that go beyond just the aesthetics. 

Whether it is a window display, ordering kiosks or weather-targeted product displays and menu boards, digital signage can be used to attract new customers, promote products, and drive sales.

With engaging graphics and as a touchpoint for the overall customer experience, digital signage helps QSRs deliver their brand promise. QSRs aid in increasing customer retention rate and build loyalty as digital signage enhances customers’ in-store experience. With the right placement and strategy, they can be used to create a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  1. Increase employee efficiency

Self-service kiosks are increasingly common in fast food restaurants as they enhance employee efficiency. Samsung’s newest release of their Self-Serve Kiosk has brought this emerging technology to the Australian market. Amped Digital partnered with Samsung to deliver self-service kiosks in quick service  restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. 

As customers pick and submit their own orders, wrong orders and communication errors are reduced significantly. Employees won't have to spend time preparing an unordered item or the wrong dish anymore. As a result, the restaurant does not have to compensate for the losses and employees are able to focus more time on specific customer requests and other tasks. 

  1. Shorter wait times

Quick service restaurants or QSRs, as the name implies, should be able to serve customers promptly. A menu board educates and engages customers and allows them to make their decision while in line, enabling them to make a purchase when they get to the counter. This increases the speed of the restaurant's transaction.

QSRs use digital menu boards to provide food information such as nutritional value, components, and calorie/kilojoule count for customers who have different requirements.

Simmo's Ice Creamery, for example, was concerned about the queues in their store as a result of their rapid growth and popularity. It was difficult to inspect ice cream choices when there were too many people and long queues, slowing down the purchasing process.

To assist with this, Amped Digital installed a 5-screen digital display to show off the store's 100+ ice cream flavours in bright hues and with little to no glare, making it easier for customers to make a purchase decision even if they are at the back of the queue.

  1. Real-time updates

Another benefit of a digital menu board is that it may be updated through a web-based content management solutions such as Samsung’s MagicINFO. This enables the restaurant to remove an item when it has run out to save time and avoid the number of dissatisfied customers. Bespoke promotions can be scheduled to run on specified time and date. Some digital menu board systems can also be linked to the restaurant’s POS to automatically remove sold-out items. 

Simmo's Ice Creamery encountered a problem with its rapid product sell-out, which it was unable to communicate immediately with the clients about. To improve this, Amped Digital installed a content management system that allows the shop to modify and add items as needed, keeping customers informed of sell-outs and reducing waiting time for service.

  1. Promote items to customers 

Upselling, when done correctly, leaves the customer in control of their decision without putting any pressure on them. Through digital signage, QSRs may upsell promotional products as part of a larger purchase, such as a meal deal.

Samsung’s QMR Display used in digital menu boards can aid in this process by displaying limited-time offers and promoting certain items on the menu, attracting customers' attention. Sides and extras can also be shown to entice customers to add on to their orders, further increasing sales. 

Self-ordering kiosks also help in upselling items to customers as they can be programmed to ask customers if they would like to add extras and sides to their orders, or to try new flavours as well.

Digital signage offers a multitude of benefits for businesses in the QSR industry. From attracting potential customers into the store to upselling and engaging customers to speed up the sales process, digital signage is a worthwhile investment for QSR owners. Not only does it benefit the business but also improve the experience of customers.

Digital menu boards aren't just for the big brands anymore. As more and more businesses are finding creative ways to use digital signage, it's becoming an essential part of any business's marketing mix.

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