See How Espressology Helps Coffee Businesses Amass Loyal Customers and Brand Equity

Nov 15, 2016

Five years ago, a recognised franchisor had been supplying coffee from one of Australia's largest coffee roasters and from one of Italy's best-known coffee roasters. The set-up allowed the franchisor to earn royalty income, but Rob Murrell, sales director at Espressology, says what really took the franchisor's business to the next level was when it decided to make a private in-house branded blend that more than tripled their like-store coffee sales.

“By developing their own private in-house branded blend, within five years the franchisor had increased like-store coffee sales by 340% and had a whole lot of happier franchisees who were also a whole lot more profitable,” says Murrell.

Inspired by the success of that franchisor, Espressology now helps many other coffee businesses adopt a model to achieve similar high-growth outcomes. The Sydney-based coffee roasting company works with coffee professionals to perfect their own blends and set up their own private label coffee brand.

More than making a coffee blend for businesses, Espressology provides a unique proactive, preventative machine service system that lowered the downtime of machines, according to Murrell. The new system meant franchisee machines broke down less frequently and allowed Espressology-assisted brands to attract new customers every time competitor machines failed.

“The first impression of a new customer – getting great coffee – means a much higher percentage of new customers becoming permanent ongoing customers,” says Murrell.

Espressology also conducts an intensive barista training and support program prior to and after new store openings. This helped enhance an already positive first impression that customers had by interacting with highly trained and helpful baristas.

To keep product and service quality at a consistently high level, Espressology conducted an exhaustive Five Star barista and coffee evaluation program on a regular basis with all franchisees. Professional barista trainers regularly visited stores without notice and consulted with franchisees to reveal their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Overall, the system ensured that each franchisee's store built a loyal customer base and valuable brand equity.

“There is a real key advantage to be gained by developing passion for and equity in your own branded coffee,” says Murrell. “Everybody gains expertise, equity and profitability.”

To find out more please contact Rob Murrell on 1300 731 377.


Espressology is not your ordinary contract coffee roaster.

It is what we call bespoke, or custom coffee roasting. In the same way that a bespoke tailor creates clothes to professionally reflect your taste and help present you to the world at your best, Espressology creates your perfect coffee roast profiles to best reflect your brand and reputation.

Whether it's your own blend or a single estate specialty origin coffee, you can be confident that your coffee will consistently reflect your great taste to the world. So you can capitalize on a growing coffee customer base and focus on building your business. You don't have to invest millions of dollars to gain access to your very own roasting facility.

We do not have our own coffee brand for cafes. So we don't compete with you.

At Espressology, we ensure consistency of flavour and quality with pinpoint accuracy. We can help you every step of the way in establishing your very own blend that exactly reflects your taste and brand.

Espressology has invested in equipment that will enable your coffee business to grow as much as your vision desires.

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