Part 2: How Cloud Can Increase Your Business Agility

Apr 18, 2016

You may think that more technology means more complication for your QSR business, but adding cloud-based systems can simplify your operations.

This is the argument that Oracle Hospitality makes, and it is a compelling one given the strides in cloud technology developed for the QSR industry.

In a traditional setting, a store will need to set up on-premise systems that not only require weeks to roll out, but derail business operations because of the downtime such installations cause.

A cloud system, by contrast, is easier to implement and maintain. This means your business can open new stores faster and reduce downtime.

Furthermore, the cloud minimizes IT complexity in a business and the required IT expertise needed on-site. If a store’s on-premise system malfunctions, then an IT specialist will need to visit the store to fix the problem. A cloud system does away with this inconvenience because the specialist can remotely troubleshoot the server that is connected to the internet.

As the pace of business accelerates in the QSR industry, it can be argued that agility is a necessity. It is especially critical for those who want to capitalize quickly on new opportunities – like becoming the first brand to set up a store in a promising location or to introduce a hot concept before anyone else.

“Cloud gives you greater speed and agility,” says Christopher Adams, VP Sales APAC, Food and Beverage at Oracle Hospitality. “You need to be able to bring new ideas to market within days, not weeks or months. It’s also important to identify and react to anything that isn’t working well, be that an item on the menu or a promotion.

“Cloud technology allows you to execute your ideas much, much faster than a non-cloud business,” Adams says. “And it gives you the all-important ability to test, so the changes you want to make can be reviewed centrally before you implement them across all locations.”

Learn more about how the cloud can increase your business agility by downloading the full Oracle report here.


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