Part 1: How Cloud Technology Can Reduce Your IT Costs

Apr 04, 2016

If you’re looking to cut costs in your store, you might have overlooked a wellspring of savings by not migrating to cloud technology.

According to Oracle Hospitality, QSR stores can achieve significant reductions in IT costs through the use of cloud instead of traditional on-premise systems.

Cloud-powered stores can reduce their hardware purchases and lessen their maintenance expenses because consultants no longer have to visit stores to update physical servers. Cost savings become even more pronounced for QSR chains with multiple stores that transition to the cloud.

In fact, according to a KPMG survey, 70 percent of executives said that implementing the cloud had helped them reduce costs.

“With cloud, a system upgrade can be done centrally, once,” says Christopher Adams, VP Sales APAC, Food and Beverage at Oracle Hospitality. “Less money is needed upfront for hardware, and less money is needed for ongoing support so that funds can be reallocated to other important areas of your business.”

The money that businesses save from moving to the cloud can then be spent to open more locations, refurbish existing premises and amp up their branding, marketing, and training initiatives – all of which make a QSR business more competitive. And with the current tough operating environment, every little edge can push a QSR business ahead of the pack.

Learn more about how the cloud can cut IT costs by downloading the full Oracle report here.


About Oracle Food and Beverage 
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