Learn Why Millennials Feel Ignored By Hospitality Employers

Aug 23, 2016

You would think hospitality employers would be lining up to listen to their millennial staff in order to gain insights from the same cohort they are trying to attract to their hotels and restaurants, but a large majority of them do not even bother trying.

When millennials in eight countries working for a hotel or a restaurant were asked if their employer actively sought their feedback on how to improve their technological capabilities, less than one of five employers were seen to welcome feedback, according to the findings of the Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service report commissioned by Oracle.

“Considering that millennials account for a sizeable share of hotel and restaurant staff, it’s particularly remiss that employers fail to solicit their suggestions about technology,” says Christopher Adams, vice president of sales, food and beverage, APAC at Oracle Hospitality.

Adams notes that worldwide only 15% of millennials who had worked in the field in the past five years reported that employers welcomed their feedback.

U.S. hospitality operators were the most likely to query staff members about technology, with 18.1% of respondents answering on the affirmative. But Australian hospitality operators were also found to be very keen on gathering feedback from their millennial staff with 17.7% saying their bosses took their inputs on possible technology upgrades.

On the other end of the spectrum, hospitality operators in Japan appeared to be the least receptive to feedback with only 6.8% of millennial staff reporting to have had their feedback heard by management, followed by France (11.7%) and Germany (12.5%).

“It’s an easy practice that hoteliers worldwide should adopt to improve guest service or they risk suffering consequences they can ill afford: brand damage and loss of business,” warns Adams.

You can download the full Oracle report here.


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