Payo is Australia's first eat now, pay later app exclusive to hospitality.

Payo's mission is to support the hospitality industry by encouraging more people to dine out and enjoy more. Payo customers can eat and drink at payo partner restaurants, cafes and bars and pay the bill in four fortnightly instalments with zero interest simply by scanning a QR code. Payo also offers users access to exclusive, limited time offers at participating venues.

Payo is the pioneer of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) in the hospitality industry in Australia and even worldwide. Launching in Australia in March 2021, payo is currently available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast with plans to expand nationwide.

And if the stats from our first year are anything to go by, BNPL for hospo is only going to get bigger:

- We have increased the average order value across our partners by 50%.
- Our users are going back 4-5 times to the same venue after making a transaction on Payo.

Our purpose will continue to be focused on creating a win-win for both the customer and merchant. Payo customers have a better experience by being able to dine out with the financial flexibility to split the bill in four payments. We also support growth for our merchants by delivering higher spending customers through increased average order values, loyalty, winning new customers, and improving restaurant efficiencies.

Payo has also recently launched payo checkout - a self-checkout technology that allows customers to scan a QR code at their table to pay their bill in seconds.


Pay later option boosts Salt Meats Cheese’s order value by 60%

Plus more repeat customers.

Most Australians love to go out for a bite to eat. But sometimes, dining out can be expensive and customers need to factor this cost into their budget. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platforms allow customers to spread their payments out over time, making the dining experience extra appealing. Not only can they help by providing more financial flexibility,  but they can also encourage customers to come back more often and spend more per transaction.

One restaurant group that has been embracing these opportunities is Salt Meats Cheese. With locations in Brisbane and Sydney, Salt Meats Cheese offers diners a family-friendly Italian dining experience, complete with cooking classes and retail options.

In order to reach a wider audience and increase order values, Salt Meats Cheese decided to offer a pay later option. This allows diners to enjoy their dining experience when they like, but pay later through four instalments, making it more convenient for younger demographics who are heavy adopters of BNPL platforms.

A new way to pay

Buy Now, Pay Later is a growing trend in the hospitality industry, with more and more restaurants offering this option to diners. BNPL provides customers with the flexibility to pay for their meal in instalments, thus making dining out more accessible.

It also allows restaurants to increase their order values, as customers are more likely to order more and upgrade their meal when they have more flexibility to pay the bill. 

Salt Meats Cheese is one of the first restaurants in Australia to offer BNPL, partnering with payo to provide this service to their customers. And since it's a new concept for hospitality, they've been working hard to educate their customers on how it works.

The partnership focused on developing mutually beneficial marketing initiatives, including the creation of co-branded materials and communication to diners about the new payment option.

One of the most important channels for communicating the new payment option was email marketing. Salt Meats Cheese sent out email campaigns to their members, letting them know that they could now pay for their meal with payo. Not only that, Salt Meats Cheese discovered that they are also able to extend great discounts and special offers to customers that pay with the app.

In addition to email marketing, Salt Meats Cheese also used social media to reach their audience. They frequently showcased payo on their channels, highlighting the benefits of the new payment option. Payo, in turn, engaged with their large audience to promote Salt Meats Cheese alongside the option to spread their payments and the availability of good discounts.

"Payo also coordinates influencers who come into our venues to create unique and engaging content that is then amplified across social media. This helps us reach new and relevant audiences," said Stefano De Blasi, director, Salt Meats Cheese.

In addition, payo's Thank God It's Monday campaign became a key driver of traffic to Salt Meats Cheese on what is traditionally a slower day of the week. The campaign offered exclusive discounts and deals to payo users, which helped increase foot traffic to the restaurant.

The results

Since going live with payo, Salt Meats Cheese has seen a significant increase in their average order value from payo customers. The average order value is 60% higher, with customers coming back 3-5 times since their first payo transaction.

"We've been really happy with the results so far. The partnership has helped us to reach new audiences and increase our order values. Payo is now responsible for over 5% of our venues' transaction volume," said De Blasi.

And with more customers coming in to order a wider variety of dishes, Salt Meats Cheese is able to understand their diners better and adjust their menu and offerings accordingly.

“The best part of this new partnership has been watching our customers enjoy new experiences and delicious food, or upgrade their meal with that extra entree or dessert, whilst being able to pay on their own terms," De Blasi added.

Taf Chiwanza, CEO and co-founder of payo, said: "We're thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking and innovative restaurant group like Salt Meats Cheese. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and we're excited to be at the forefront of this change, helping restaurants increase their order values and reach new audiences.

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