Food safety programmes need good kitchen labeling practices and now PREPsafe makes that easy for any restaurant to achieve.When it comes to food safety labelling, there is no company more experienced than PREPsafe. For over 13 years, PREPsafe has been leading the way in automated labelling systems for restaurant kitchens with some of the biggest franchise organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.With their new Preppy App system, it is easier and more cost effective than ever for organisations of any size to ditch the old Day Dot and manual systems of the past and label like a professional kitchen does.

Ensure accurate food safety labelling with this app

PrepSafe’s solution offers an answer amidst growing concerns for food safety.

Independent restaurant operators or multi-store franchisees can solve their food safety woes with the Preppy App by PrepSafe, a simple labeling solution geared to fit one's needs and requirements.

PrepSafe’s free Preppy app connects to a Bluetooth printer and prints on the company’s thermal food safety labels, resulting in accurate and legible labelling with no setup or ongoing subscription fees.

Check out how to use the app by watching the video below:

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