Mad Mex and BioPak team up for plastic-free Mexican takeaway

Nov 19, 2018

The Mexican brand says eco-friendly packaging is essential to improve the customer experience.

If you’re a fan of fast and fresh Mexican street food, you're probably familiar with the popular food chain Mad Mex. With more than 70 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand, Mad Mex offers a range of Baja-style Mexican food that’s fresh, healthy, fast and delicious. Plus, it’s served-up in eco-friendly BioPak sugarcane packaging, so you can enjoy your Mexican food fix plastic-free.

Founder and head honcho Clovis Young grew up in San Diego, and it was his family holidays to Baja and his early awareness of the consumer demand for nutrient-driven fast food that inspired him to launch Mad Mex.

Operating in a highly competitive market, Mad Mex has continually evolved and improved the business to maintain and grow their market share. Customer experience has been essential to this evolution, from the hip interior design of the restaurants to the sustainable packaging that holds the food, every customer touchpoint is considered.

As a quick service restaurant, food packaging and presentation is a massive part of the customer experience. With consumer awareness and support for sustainable-living practices growing by the day, good-looking, eco-friendly packaging is essential for Mad Mex. In fact, Young said that eco-friendly business practices have been an important focus for Mad Mex right from the beginning.

Mad Mex Founder Clovis Young. Photo: Supplied

“After all, everyone should be aware and conscious of how they're treating the environment, and we want to do our part whether that's on-site recycling, the use of non-bleached paper packaging or our biodegradable serving trays – it all adds up to being a good citizen”, Young told QSR Media.

Mad Mex recognized the growing support for sustainable living – especially amongst health-conscious consumers – and engaged BioPak to help move away from the generic plastic packaging ubiquitous in the fast food industry, and instead develop custom-designed sustainable packaging.

The innovations that BioPak delivered Mad Mex offered several advantages, among them sustainably-sourced and rapidly renewable plant-based raw materials, and the fact that all BioPak products are carbon neutral.

Working with BioPak has helped Mad Mex make a big difference for the environment. “Using BioPak compostable sugarcane bowls for made-to-order meals means that Mad Mex has reduced its environmental impact – in 2017 alone, they removed the need for 51 tonnes of plastic from being used and offset 394 tonnes of carbon emissions”, said BioPak CEO Gary Smith.

Photo credit: Mad Mex


There is no planet B. That’s why it’s our mission to produce the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging on the market. We champion compostable packaging and we’re focussed on reducing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering an eco-friendly alternative.

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