Crafty Cuts opts for BioPak plastic-free packaging

Nov 05, 2018

The restaurant brand has saved 43 tonnes of plastic from being used since partnering with BioPak.

Popular low and slow barbeque meat outlet Crafty Cuts has joined forces with BioPak in a bid to reduce single-use plastic consumption that commonly occurs in quick service restaurants.

Known for their slow roasted barbecue meats, fresh salads and the kind of sandwiches you can't make at home, Crafty Cuts has outlets in Sydney, Brisbane and Maitland.

Crafty Cuts has teamed up with BioPak to reduce the negative environmental impact of single-use foodservice packaging – using 100 percent compostable packaging to serve meals.

“Crafty Cuts is going plastic-free. By using BioPak compostable packaging, they have saved 43 tonnes of plastic from being used. That's equivalent to the weight of 16 elephants”, says BioPak CEO Gary Smith.

“BioPak packaging is carbon neutral, so when Crafty Cuts switched to BioPak in 2016 they started to reduce their impact. Since then, 96 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been offset – that's equivalent to driving a new car around the world 9 times”, Mr Smith said.

Crafty Cuts uses a range of BioPak compostable packaging options in their restaurants – including bioplastic cutlery made from plants, not plastic, and tree-free BioCane takeaway containers made from sugarcane pulp.

BioPak is the nation’s leading brand of single-use food service products made from renewable and recycled resources. BioPak products are, relative to traditional counterparts, gentler on the environment because they require fewer non-renewable resources to produce (fossil fuels), produce less greenhouse gases and make diversion from landfills an option upon disposal. Shop the BioPak range online.


There is no planet B. That’s why it’s our mission to produce the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging on the market. We champion compostable packaging and we’re focussed on reducing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering an eco-friendly alternative.

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