Founded in 2006, BioPak is the leading eco-friendly foodservice packaging company in Australia and New Zealand, launching in the UK and Singapore in 2019. BioPak offers sustainable packaging made from rapidly renewable, plant-based raw materials for businesses who, like us, want to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations.

Our sustainable packaging solutions are designed for a circular economy where there is no waste. It starts with responsibly sourced materials, continues with environmentally certified manufacturing processes, and ends with disposal options that see resources reused or regenerated. 

BioPak’s manufacturing facilities are certified to local and international environmental standards. As a B Corp, you can trust we give back 5% of profits to positive change and work with conservation organisations to protect rainforests.

In 2018, BioPak launched its own compost service in Australia and New Zealand – an organics recycling collection service designed to divert more food and packaging waste from landfill and combat climate change. It has since evolved into an independent not-for-profit initiative – Compost Connect.

Finding A Sustainability Partner: A Guide for QSRs

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are under increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable practices in their operations. That's why QSR businesses are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. One area that has seen a lot of improvement in recent years is packaging. As QSRs continue to search for ways to reduce costs while also being more environmentally conscious, it's important to find a sustainability partner in their packaging supplier.

A good packaging partner can help QSRs find innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while also making it easier for them to meet their sustainability goals. In this article, we'll discuss some of the benefits of working with a packaging supplier on your sustainability initiatives.

Why Choosing the Right Supplier Matters

Sustainability is an important part of any business, and there are lots of ways for QSRs to incorporate it into their operations. Choosing a packaging supplier who shares your values will help you stay on track with your initiatives, like reducing waste or carbon emissions. When you choose a packaging partner who shares your values, they'll be able to help you in many ways that go beyond simply providing the right materials.

Here are other reasons why having the right packaging supplier is essential to the sustainability efforts of a QSR business:

Reduce Environmental Impact

By working with a packaging supplier that has a strong commitment to sustainability, QSRs can reduce their environmental impact. This includes using materials that are renewable, recyclable, or compostable, as well as minimising waste throughout the supply chain. A sustainability partner can help QSRs identify areas where they can reduce their environmental impact and offer solutions to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Enhance Brand Image

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the products they purchase, including the packaging that comes with their food. QSRs that work with a sustainability partner in their packaging supplier can improve their brand image and demonstrate commitment to sustainability. They may attract and retain customers who value these practices.

Cost Savings

In addition to the environmental benefits, working with a sustainability partner in their packaging supplier can also lead to cost savings for QSRs. Sustainable packaging solutions often require less material and can be more efficient to produce and transport. Additionally, many sustainable materials are becoming more cost-competitive with traditional packaging options. By working with a sustainability partner, QSRs can identify cost-saving opportunities that also benefit the environment. 

Regulatory Compliance

As governments around the world introduce more stringent regulations on packaging waste, QSRs need to ensure that they are compliant with these regulations. A sustainability partner in their packaging supplier can help QSRs stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and ensure that their packaging solutions are compliant with local and national laws. This can help QSRs avoid costly fines and reputational damage.


Finally, working with a sustainability partner in their packaging supplier can help QSRs stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability partners often have access to the latest research and development in sustainable materials and can offer innovative solutions that help QSRs reduce their environmental impact and enhance their brand image.

Why QSRs Should Consider BioPak

In recent years, the push for sustainability has led to a significant shift in consumer behaviour, particularly when it comes to food packaging. For QSR businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and become more ecologically responsible, they need to work with packaging suppliers who will help them find a more sustainable solution.

If you're thinking about making the transition to compostable containers for your QSR business, BioPak is a good place to start. BioPak's innovative products allow QSRs to go beyond paper and plastic bags by providing them with a wide range of sustainable packaging options that are made from rapidly renewable, reclaimed plant-based raw materials to replace the conventional plastic packaging. Its products are designed to decompose naturally, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and reducing landfill waste. With BioPak, QSRs can choose packaging options that are not only environmentally friendly but also meet their functional needs.

Here are some more reasons why QSRs should consider choosing BioPak for their packaging needs.

BioPak is a profit for purpose

BioPak is a company that is not just focused on making profits, but also on making a positive impact—on the planet and society. By choosing BioPak as their supplier of paper products, QSRs can be confident in working with a company whose values align perfectly with theirs: putting people before profit

BioPak is certified B Corp

In 2018, BioPak became a certified B Corp. It is a certification that recognizes businesses for meeting the "highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability". B Corp certification offers companies a degree of legitimacy in an industry rife with fraudulent claims. But more importantly, it has also helped weave an ethos of “People Planet Profits” into the business DNA of BioPak.

BioPak’s Give Back Fund

BioPak also gives back 5% of the profits to the communities they live in – 1% of profits are donated to Rainforest Rescue to preserve and protect endangered rainforests and 4% of profits to charities and social enterprises to support positive change in the community. BioPak started the BioPak Give Back Fund in 2012 and since have dedicated time, energy and a total of $3,659,190 to these communities.

BioPak partners with OzHarvest

BioPak has also partnered with OzHarvest, a food rescue organisation that saves millions of kilos of good food from landfill and redistributes it to people in need. This partnership will help feed thousands of people in need and fight the war on food waste. QSRs can join with BioPak to support a company making a difference in fighting food waste.

BioPak's Compost Connect initiative

One of the biggest challenges facing QSR businesses when it comes to sustainability is how to deal with their waste. Compost Connect is an initiative that connects QSRs with composters to help them reduce their waste and champion composting. This program allows QSRs to divert their organic waste away from landfill and instead have it transformed into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to grow food and support sustainable agriculture.

Key Takeaway

Quick-service restaurants are designed to serve large quantities of food to customers in record times, but unfortunately, convenience comes at a cost to the planet. That’s why many are turning to BioPak for more sustainable packaging options and to help them reduce their waste.

BioPak creates sustainably sourced packaging solutions, trusted by some of the most well-known brands in the market today. It is a company that is committed to making a real difference, and by choosing them, QSRs can be confident that they are making a positive impact too.

BioPak shares about their commitment, "As a socially and environmentally responsible business and certified B corporation, we have an obligation to preserve and protect the environment and give back to the communities we live in. We are focused on giving our customers and the end-consumers of today and tomorrow the confidence that their choice to buy BioPak is making a real difference in the shift to a sustainable, waste-free world."

Contact BioPak today to learn more about how they can help your QSR business achieve sustainability goals!

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