How to Design a New Coffee

Sep 19, 2016

SIX steps to creating your own Coffee Brand Perfection.

All QSR businesses go to great lengths to create a strong brand image that reflects their unique values and products. Some QSR chains don’t have the confidence in their own brand when it comes to coffee. Espressology has a strong track record of matching blends and helping QSR businesses put their own hard won branding on their own coffee and building substantial equity for the QSR stakeholders rather than building up an unrelated external coffee brand.

Step 1. Blend Development Strategy
Introduce the Espressology Blend Development strategy: we don’t have a competing brand for cafés. We purely help companies build their own in-house blends and brands. We have been fortunate to have matched many international and local blends for QSR chains who have been using someone else’s brand name coffee.

Step 2. Identify Coffee Taste Profile Objectives
Identify your current situation and your final taste profile objectives. For instance: a blend that is overall acidic and fruity will require different roast profiles and coffee origins to a blend that is chocolaty and low acid. Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of Australians drink their coffee with milk. It is therefore essential that the coffee blend must cut through the milk body to stand out and be successful.

Step 3. Cupping and Tasting
Initial traditional cupping using international Specialty Coffee Association Specifications. This can take several tasting sessions to cover all the current crop coffees that may be suitable for the final taste objectives; in some cases this could be up to thirty or forty different coffees.

Step 4. Create The Coffee Shortlist
Narrow down the number of coffees to be roasted for espresso (anywhere from 6 – 8 separate coffees) ; roast these samples at different settings for comparative espresso tasting. Select the final coffees and tentative roast style for the blend.

Step 5. Premium Blend – Final Selection
Re-roast the final coffees to differing Agtron (roast development) levels. Re-test coffees as both espresso and milk-based coffees in the same way as the majority of customers will taste the blend.

Step 6 Own Brand Coffee Implementation
It is ideal that stakeholders are involved in this development process so that you control how to showcase the wonderful new flavours of your very own new coffee. In spite of our long years of coffee experience this is not a matter of us dictating to you how your coffee must taste. This may require new training programs and in-house coffee expertise and in-house coffee champions, all of which we can help you with.

To find out more please contact Rob Murrell on 1300 731 377


Espressology is not your ordinary contract coffee roaster.

It is what we call bespoke, or custom coffee roasting. In the same way that a bespoke tailor creates clothes to professionally reflect your taste and help present you to the world at your best, Espressology creates your perfect coffee roast profiles to best reflect your brand and reputation.

Whether it's your own blend or a single estate specialty origin coffee, you can be confident that your coffee will consistently reflect your great taste to the world. So you can capitalize on a growing coffee customer base and focus on building your business. You don't have to invest millions of dollars to gain access to your very own roasting facility.

We do not have our own coffee brand for cafes. So we don't compete with you.

At Espressology, we ensure consistency of flavour and quality with pinpoint accuracy. We can help you every step of the way in establishing your very own blend that exactly reflects your taste and brand.

Espressology has invested in equipment that will enable your coffee business to grow as much as your vision desires.

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