Welcome to Our Jobs Board

Welcome to our jobs and careers page. Posting a job advertisement is free, and the best thing is that the job ads show up in stories relevant to our readers and in newsletters.

Recruiting top talent for business is always difficult, but one of the hardest things is to get the right people interested in your job at your company whilst they are happily working elsewhere, or for a competitor !

Regular job boards have a great disadvantage in that people looking at them for jobs are probably already out of a job or unhappy with the job they have.

In today’s environment, companies are more reluctant to hire already unemployed people or those who are unhappily employed.

The great thing about our job board is that it shows latest jobs to people whilst they are reading news that is relevant to their job.

This means your job ad is being read by someone who is likely happily employed, but if they like what you are offering you may entice them out of their happy place. These people can often make the best employees.

Because we are a specialist media site you can be sure that our audience, by its nature, is sophisticated, interested in your business, alert to what’s happening in the world, and relevant to your industry.