BioPak launches compostable sushi trays

BioPak launches compostable sushi trays

7.5% of the profits will go to the packaging company’s ‘Give Back’ programme.

Biopak announced the release of its compostable, plant-based, carbon neutral sushi trays.

The eco-friendly packaging company says the base tray is made from sugarcane pulp and is certified home compostable, whilst the lids are made from plant-based bioplastic and is certified industrially compostable. The lids also feature new anti-fogging technology to preserve food appearance when on display.

Since launching, BioPak says it has diverted over 660 tonnes of organic waste from landfill, making up 6,000 bags of compost.

The compostable sushi trays and lids can be purchased from the BioPak website with 7.5% of the profits going to its own ‘Give Back’ programme.

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