7.5% of the profits will go to the packaging company’s ‘Give Back’ programme.
The packaging company's CEO says this is the “most ambitious” waste reduction target of any major airline globally.
With a growing number of businesses choosing to use compostable packaging and more commercial composters keen to accept these products along with food waste, businesses are able to go plastic-free and keep valuable resources out of landfill.
The Mexican brand says eco-friendly packaging is essential to improve the customer experience.
When it comes to disposing of single-use foodservice ware, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding whether something can actually be recycled or composted, and what “biodegradable” really means.
The restaurant brand has saved 43 tonnes of plastic from being used since partnering with BioPak.
The container is microwave safe and suited for home deliveries.
The landmark deal will launch the eco-friendly packaging company's range of sustainable packaging solutions across Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Plastic straws may only be used for a few minutes, but their negative effects on the environment last a lifetime (and then some).
When you’re running a quick service restaurant, food presentation is just as important as food safety.
Australians have a love affair with coffee, each year using an estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups.


There is no planet B. That’s why it’s our mission to produce the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging on the market. We champion compostable packaging and we’re focussed on reducing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering an eco-friendly alternative.