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9:00 AM - 9:30 AM | Macroeconomic Overview
How is the Australian economy performing amidst the worldwide impact brought by COVID-19 and other market pressures? This session from UBS takes a deep dive in the latest economic developments and explains what it could mean for your restaurant business.
Carlos Cacho | Global Market Economist, UBS

9: 30 AM - 10:00 AM | Leaders Panel: Restaurant Leadership In The Time of COVID-19
Get a first-hand pulse of the industry from the country's top restaurant leaders, who will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities amidst the pandemic and afterwards.
Panel Members:
  • Karen Bozic | Chief Executive Officer, craveable brands.
  • Steven Marks | Founder & Global CEO, Guzman y Gomez
  • Michael Brown | Food Service Development Head, Woolworths
  • Manu Feildel | Chef, TV Presenter, Restaurateur 
  • Chris Churchmichael | Country Director, Subway® Australia and New Zealand

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM | COVID-19: Impact and Recovery Opportunities in APAC
Find out how your QSR or fast casual restaurant brand can adapt during this time by staying updated about new opportunities and emerging trends.
Sanjev Kangatharan | Associate Director, Australia Foodservice, The NPD Group

10:30 AM - 10:50 AM | Morning Tea

10:50 AM - 11:10 AM | Q&A with Chris Green
A staple in the Australian fast food industry, Hungry Jack's has seen the ebbs and flows of the industry, having made critical decisions to stay on top of consumers' minds and maintain its positioning. Find out more about the brand's approach to business in this unique Q&A with CEO Chris Green.
Chris Green | Chief Executive Officer, Hungry Jack's

11:10 AM - 11: 40 AM | Menu Innovation Panel
The industry continues to see a variety of product innovations, well-illustrated by the continued boom of plant-based alternatives to more "better-for-you" options. Discover what's on the table for product development experts in this panel discussion.
Panel Members:
  • Fritz Meyer | Chief Food Innovation & Technical Officer, KFC SOPAC
  • Mario Manabe | Head of Food, Nando's Australia
  • Jasmin Clements | Product Marketing Manager, Krispy Kreme Australia
  • Sean Hall | Head of Culinary, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group (Butcher and the Farmer, Italian Street Kitchen, Ribs & Burgers)
  • Mimmo Lubrano | CEO, Sandhurst Fine Foods

11:40 AM - 12:10 PM | Delivery in the New Normal
The COVID-19 pandemic has made delivery an essential asset for QSRs as the sector navigates this new normal. In this session, find out how brands and delivery platforms are working together to support the industry.
Panel Members:
  • Lara Thom | Global Chief Marketing Officer, Guzman y Gomez
  • Kellie Clenton | Head of Delivery Partner, ANZ, Uber Eats
  • Laura Huddle | Commercial Director, Deliveroo Australia
  • Rory Murphy | Commercial Director, Australia & New Zealand, Menulog

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM | Lunch Break 

12:40 PM - 1:10 PM | Awards Programme

1:10 PM - 1:30 PM | Case Study: Chatime - QSRs & Big Data
Chatime's Loyal-Tea app provides the chain with multi-layered insights that impact how they develop and execute their successful campaigns. In this session, CEO Carlos Antonius will explain how they use Big Data to their advantage.

Carlos Antonius | CEO, Chatime Australia

1:30 PM - 1:50 PM | Restaurant Recovery
With the complete overhaul of the restaurant industry following OCVID-19, how can business restructure their operations to help meet the needs of diners? What will stay the same and what will change? Is delivery here to stay or will diners come flooding back to dine in?
Wes Lambert | Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant & Catering Industry Association

1:50 PM - 2:10 PM | Afternoon Tea

2:10 - 2:20 PM | Case Study: Muffin Break
Muffin Break remains a leader in the industry's pivot towards better sustainability practices. In this presentation, the homegrown chain will elaborate on its work with shopping centre partners on upgrading their current waste systems to include coffee grounds, takeaway coffee cups and food waste.

Natalie Brennan | General Manager, Muffin Break

2:20 PM - 2:40 PM | Sustainability Panel: Towards a Zero-Waste Restaurant
Be inspired on how to start your path towards a zero-waste restaurant brand. In this panel, the country’s top QSRs discuss their ongoing sustainability practices, lessons on waste reduction and management, and the next steps in ensuring a greener future for the industry.
Panel Members:
Natalie Brennan | General Manager, Muffin Break
Michael Clark | Chief Supply Chain Officer, KFC SOPAC

2:40 PM - 3:00 PM | QSR Leasing During & After COVID- 19
In this session, we will be discussing four key issues affecting the QSR Industry:
Review of the National Code of Conduct
Macro review of all State based legislation
Rent relief calculation and worked example
Impacts to QSR’s post COVID- 19 and Moving forward for leasing
Panel Discussion
Simon Fonteyn | Founder & CEO, LeaseInfo
Arthur Raptis | Executive Director, Raptis Investments
Mark Hooper | National Manager - Property & Leasing, craveable brands.
Matthew Williams | General Manager - Jamaica Blue/ FoodCo Property and Design

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM CMOs Panel
Retaining consumer attention and engagement is critical amidst a surge in social media platforms and traditional channels. In this panel, find out how chains are elevating their marketing strategies and how they are maximising their platforms to tell their brand story.
Panel Members:
  • Samantha Bragg | Head of Marketing, Oporto 
  • Matt Fickling | Chief Commercial Officer, Motto Motto
  • David Ovens | Chief Marketing Officer, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group (Butcher and the Farmer, Italian Street Kitchen, Ribs & Burgers)
  • Simon Cheng | Marketing Director, Menulog
  • Damian Hopper | Director, Bubba Pizza

1:10 PM - 1:30 PM | Case Study: Restaurant Robotics
More and more companies are turning to restaurant robots to optimise store performance, offset costs and provide unique customer engagements. In this special case study session, take a look at NISKA Robotics’ first fully integrated robotic ice-cream store in Melbourne, Australia, and gain insights from their mission in providing a redefined retail experience.
Kate Orlova | Director, NISKA Retail

1:30 PM  to 1:50 PM  | Case Study: Baskin-Robbins' Scoops Ahoy Virtual Restaurant 
Baskin-Robbins' Scoops Ahoy virtual restaurant was a successful intersection between technology, branding and culture. Learn about the chain's insights and lessons from the launch in this case study presentation. 
Julian Casa | National Marketing Manager, Baskin-Robbins Australia

1:50 PM - 2:10 PM | Afternoon Tea

2:10 PM - 2:30 PM | Revenue Growth for QSRs
Mitchell Taylor | Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM | Digital Ordering and Customer Experience
Tyrone Ho | Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, TabSquare
Chris Mavris | CEO, Sharetea
Nasser Abdu' | Franchise Advisor

2:45 PM - 3:05 PM | Restaurant Design in the Age of Social Distancing
Callie van Der Merwe | Founder, Design Partnership Australia

3:05 PM - 3:30 PM | Food To Go: A Global Perspective
Food-to-go is attracting serious interest as businesses are accelerating their delivery and takeaway models. Get an international perspective on food-to-go from food retailers across Europe and North America as they look to capture a larger share of this expanding market.

Gavin Rothwell | Director and Founder, Food Futures Insights

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM International Panel
Get larger perspectives from a roster of c-level, international executives as they offer a window to the global QSR outlook.
Panel Members:
  • Jack Swaysland | Chief Operating Officer, Papa John's International
  • Andrew Norton | Chief Executive Officer, Restaurants Development Company Thailand (franchisee of KFC Thailand)
  • Samad Shariff | Country Director, Southeast Asia, Subway Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Virtual Cocktails

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