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14 Feb 2014
BY Peter J Caddick
From Kevin Rudd’s favourite chef at Mr Wong’s to a UTS business school lecturer to the main stream press and an army of amateur bloggers – everyone is talking.
7 Jan 2014
BY Daniella Menachemson
In 2014 it will be increasingly important for hospitality owners to understand that in order to be successful in the hospitality industry their restaurants will need to standout.
12 Dec 2013
BY Suzanne Jarzabkowska
The solution to growing your franchise network profitably and sustainably maybe right under your nose!
11 Nov 2013
BY Paola Tanner
When we talk about QSR chains, the consistency and strength of a brand is one of the key ingredients for the success of a business.
25 Oct 2013
BY Lorelle Frazer
For franchise marketing campaigns to be effective, franchisees and their staff need to be engaged.
3 Oct 2013
BY Steve Champion
An employer application to change the Fast Food award safety net - part of an initial 2-year review of modern awards by the Fair Work Commission – will soon result in a new payment option for employers and employees for work around public holidays.
23 Sep 2013
BY Sarah Patterson
Nutrition claims As an industry Dietitian I am always astounded by the number of claims in restaurants that are incorrect or illegal.
4 Sep 2013
BY Michele Herson
Every franchise is trying to grab media attention, so if you want to see your name in print rather than that of your competitors, you must have a well crafted public relations plan.
12 Aug 2013
BY Steve Champion
In a recent decision an agreement approval application was refused by Senior Deputy President (SDP) O’Callaghan, due to concerns that the employees to be covered by the proposed agreement had not genuinely understood and agreed to the terms.
22 Jul 2013
BY Suzanne Jarzabkowska
From Delhi to Dallas to Durban and Darwin from Da Nang and Dubrovnik to Dundee and Dhaka, familiar franchised food brands dot the planetary landscape in ever increasing numbers.
22 Jul 2013
BY Rachael Sutton
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission jumped on claims, this week, by a number of bottled water manufactures that their water was ‘organic’.
15 Jul 2013
BY Michele Herson
Media is important to franchise systems to build image, launch products and maintain the brand.
10 Jul 2013
BY John Moyes
As a franchise consultant I have been asked many times what are the main causes of franchisee failure in the industry and how to avoid them.
8 Jul 2013
BY Steve Champion
Recent press exposure regarding allegations of significant underpayments to staff have once again displayed the serious risk to brand equity that can result from franchisees not complying with Australia’s industrial awards and wages system.
14 Jun 2013
BY Michele Herson
Industry Trade Shows (ITS), what are they, who attends them and why?
10 Jun 2013
BY Sarah Patterson
The aim of nutrition labelling is informing consumer decisions, giving them the ability to make healthier choices.
3 Jun 2013
BY Lorelle Frazer
From hearing impaired employees serving customers to tables that recharge diners’ smartphones – there is huge potential for QSR franchises to be at the cutting edge of socially responsible and technological innovations.
30 May 2013
BY Andrew Burgess
Flashing lights and fancy photos, Promise of exceptional quality and world beating prices, Pristine factories and innovative solutions.
2 May 2013
BY Richard Wynn
It’s a common challenge; how does business attract ‘best in market’ talent during a period of growth or in addressing natural attrition?
30 Apr 2013
BY Michele Herson
Preparing award submissions is time consuming and takes a good deal of thought and patience, so you might ask if it is worth the effort or just an exercise in blatant self promotion.
25 Apr 2013
BY Sarah Patterson
For over a decade now nutrition has been a growing consideration for QSR’s.
18 Apr 2013
BY Daniella Menachemson
Top 5 criteria when fitting out a QSR venue.
17 Apr 2013
BY Steve Champion
The Fair Work Commission review of penalty rates in the fast food and general retail sectors – it rejected any change - has thrown into relief a number of issues that have failed to be addressed.
5 Apr 2013
BY Mike Padden
Leave the grill and give up serving customers for a few minutes.
27 Mar 2013
BY Michele Herson
All successful businesses need to develop a public profile and a recognisable brand, particularly in the case of franchises because a key asset of a franchise is the power of its brand.
1 Mar 2013
BY Rodd Nuttall
Sustainability within any business commences with understanding the drivers of revenue streams and profitability.
18 Feb 2013
BY Matt Forman
A few months ago Pinterest was the new kid on the block in social media, boasting never-before seen user growth rates and promising a radical new mix of social and marketplace.
2 Oct 2012
BY Peter Buckingham
A QSR normally fits into one of 4 categories: • Free Standing with Drive Thru (FSDT) • InLine • Mall • CBD Each has a series of Drivers to consider and these vary obviously depending on the type of store your wish to open.
24 Sep 2012
BY Peter Buckingham
A QSR normally fits into one of 4 categories: · Free Standing with Drive Thru (FSDT) · InLine · MALL · CBD Each has a series of Drivers to consider and these vary obviously depending on the type of store your wish to open.
14 Sep 2012
BY Peter Buckingham
A QSR normally fits into one of 4 categories: • Free Standing with Drive Thru (FSDT) • InLine • Mall • CBD Each has a series of Drivers to consider and these vary obviously depending on the type of store your wish to open.
8 May 2012
BY Steve Champion
It’s probably just coincidence, but a number of our clients in recent months have raised their concerns about how their workers’ compensation insurance provider hasn’t handled a particular claim well, and this has cost the employer dearly, either in an employee’s ongoing lost time from work, or by causing an increase in the employer’s workers compensation premiums.
20 Apr 2012
BY Paola Tanner
Typically a QSR marketing team receives pressure from the top, from board and management and from the franchisee community or both individually or via advisory councils.
20 Mar 2012
BY Tim McDonald
Today, communicating with our friends, family and work colleagues has never been easier.
14 Mar 2012
BY Steve Hansen
From my observations of a number of businesses over the past 6-9 months it is very apparent that most businesses are very good in some areas of their business and not so good in areas that could make major differences to their actual operating basis and their profitability.
2 Mar 2012
BY Tenille Bentley
Many Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) are struggling to know where to begin with social media; What channels (Twitter, Facebook etc.,) will work for them?
22 Feb 2012
BY Steve Champion
With Federal Government Industrial Relations policy coming increasingly under the spotlight, QSR Media asked regular contributor, Steve Champion, Director of employee relations consultancy ER Strategies, to explain what opportunities and limitations existed in relation to enterprise agreements under the Fair Work Act. Champion replied that, in his view, there was little logical scope for QSR operators to want to enter into enterprise agreements.
15 Feb 2012
BY Sissel Rosengren
As the GFC started to impact businesses in Australia towards the end of 2008, the Australian foodservice market, like most around the world, was one of the first market sectors to feel the impact of the economic downturn.
2 Feb 2012
Innovation in the Fast Food Industry – Greening the Supply Chain Grant Thornton’s survey of CEOs in the Australian food and beverage industry, ‘Food for Thought’, strongly suggests that product innovation is viewed as forming a significant role in driving the improvement in profitability.
9 Jan 2012
Expert Steve Champion, whose specialist employee relations consulting firm ER Strategies has a number of Fast Food clients on board, is very worried that the industry will fluff the fast approaching chances to impact its industrial relations environment.
21 Jun 2011
I’ve recently returned from the Murtec (Multi Unit Restaurant Technology) conference in Las Vegas. For those of you who haven’t heard of Murtec, it is the coming together of company Presidents, CEO’s, CTO’s, COO’s and IT Directors prepared to share their own personal knowledge of wins and failures across many workshops and networking events.